Saturday, 7 June 2014

Jam packed showcase 7/6/14

Three guests in three hours = lots of fun !

Thanks to tonight's guests 

Exmouth Rock School kids , Last one out & Beverly Macca

You rule !!! 

Here's the info and playlist ..........

Jc's Big Sound of the week -Matthew North -Something Memorable 

Featured Artist - Malthusian Trap 
Soul to the city
The Underclass 

Links -

Info -
Malthusian Trap - Soul to the City
Malthusian Trap - The Underclass

Featured EP -Tom Elliott 
Brand New 

Playlist -

The Barn RAze-motorcar 
Gentian-The Sooner 
Katy Lied -Black 
Free Parking -Sharks 
Crowley's Tears -My Heroine
Sound of the sirens -Still life 
Niño -Shark song 
Jake Friese-Greene -That Lil Bird
Chay Snowdon -Pray for cleaner days 
Exmouth Rock School -pour the poison
Hiding insecurities 
The Bacon 
Last one out -Do you want a glass of water mate ? 
There's always one 
Ten years too late 
Claire Barton -Every silver lining 
Badland Bandits -Bullets 
These reigning Days -Opera of love 


Exmouth Rock school kids - /rock-school-Exmouth 

Last one Out -

Beverly Maaca

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