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The one when JC Met Graham Sclater 27/10/15

Ace chatting to  Graham Sclater on @rivierafm #jccooperlive show tonight re new book and Tabitha Books -
Love Shack 
Out 23 October on Tabitha books & Amazon 

Info on the book -

Playlist -

Wakey Wakey -Homeless Poets 
Rebecca James -On my way ft Simmons 
Aleks Grey -Feel Alive 
The Sherlocks -Heart of Gold 
Ashkil -Like a soprano 
Tyler Rivers-Fool For You 
George Simpson -Veto 
Kirsty Churchill -Those Three words 
Buck & Evans -Slow train 
Lucia Nicole -Feels like love 
Apachelux -Only when your lonely 
 -St Christopher Medal -Glori
Traedonya -Simply Beautiful
Eddy Smith & The 507 -Strangers ( since I've been loving you ) 
Cunic Ensemble -Out of your mind 
Aiden -Crawling up from hell 
Lyndon Rivers ft Corey Ernie -Give me a reason 
Steve Young ft Gemma Mewse -Hold me close 
Jerry Hull -Creepy Crawley 

  Info -

Seattle Godfathers of goth punk Aiden have announced on Kerrang!that their final, self titled album will be released on the 30th of October 2015. Not only that but the album will be available for free download, as well as a limited number of CDs, which are available to purchase through pre order.
Aiden have enlisted the help of some very special friends to make this album, including Crilly Ashes (Ashestoangels), Ash Costello (New Years Day) and Chris Motionless (Motionless In White).

'Aiden' Tracklisting
1. Crawling Up From Hell
2. Violence and Devotion featuring Ash Costello (New Years Day)
3. New Grave featuring Crilly Ashes (Ashestoangels) 
4. Standing Alone
5. Eternal Halloween
6. Animals featuring Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)
7. No Gods
8. Incinerate
9. Pure Horror featuring Craig Mabitt (Escape The Fate)
10. Sins of the Father
11. The Ceremony
12. Love Like A Cemetery featuring Kier Kemp (Fearless Vampire Killers)
13. Bring the Knives featuring Leafar Seyer (Prayers)

In January of this year Aiden frontman William announced that he had begun the process of writing a new Aiden record. William commented:

"Aiden has been on hiatus for a while now but it’s time for me to answer your requests. Aiden was my life for a long time. We spent years on the road playing shows and releasing records, making friends and creating lasting memories. I have a lot of love for this little punk band that gave me so many incredible experiences.

New single HOMELESS POETS – Impact October 23rd 2015

“Grubbs combines some beautifully played piano with a voice so striking it resonates around the room, galvanizing everybody within earshot.” NME.

Frank Sinatra wasn’t being completely disingenuous when, on ‘New York, New York’, he sang that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. After all, the Big Apple has long been a discerning arbiter of cool with an unerring aptitude for identifying genius. Which explains why Wakey Wakey’s elegiac indie pop, pulsating with irresistible rhythms and burnished by string arrangements that recall a classical music education, is the talk of the town.

Now signed to The End Records/ADA, and with a digital EP, Homeless Poets, released on October 23rd, followed by a new album, Overreactivist, next year, Michael Grubbs – seems destined to transcend his metropolitan cult and go global.
Homeless Poets, contrasted by the vibrant acoustic title track and the plaintive ballads ‘Adam & Eve’ and ‘Golden’, is both an exhilarating and elegant foretaste of Overreactivist’s emotionally-charged, politically-aware template, and an affirmation of a truly independent spirit on something of a crusade.
A native of Richmond, Virginia, Grubbs began playing piano at the age of five, impelled by maternal instruction and inspired by the works of Brahms, Bach and Beethoven. An artistic sensibility was formed and later augmented by his teenage discovery of a more contemporary canon, including Billy Joel, Elton John and Led Zeppelin, gradually evolving into Wakey Wakey’s singular sound.
After 10 years of tending bar and playing open mic nights in NYC, he’d just about had enough. That’s when Grubbs met Mark Schwahn, chief writer and executive producer of hit American TV drama series One Tree Hill, performing a brief set for him helmed by a then recent composition, ‘War Sweater’.
“At the time I was really inspired by politics. I remember being really sad about it all. I wrote the whole song in 30 minutes. Its crazy to think how much of an impact that 30 minutes has had on my life.”
Schwahn used the song in the finale of One Tree Hill’s sixth season and gave Grubbs a small recurring role in the show.
“Literally a day after ‘War Sweater’ debuted on One Tree Hill, it was number 13 on the iTunes chart”. There followed a rapturously received debut album, the impossibly tortured Everything I Wish Id Said The Last Time I Saw You, and the devotion of a fan base whose fidelity to their idol led to the crowd-funding of a second album, 2014’s Salvation.
Wakey Wakey makes a welcome return to Europe to play special one-off shows in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and London including a performance at the  prestigious Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton on Wednesday 30th September 2015.  A full UK / European tour is in the pipeline for 2016.


New TRAEDONYA! AKA The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera''  single "Simply Beautiful" featuring Irish Soulflower. 

Learn more about TRAEDONYA! below.

Audio Stream - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfXjkmYEonA





Ashkii who is based in London, England.   


Taking his name from a dream he had where a Native American talked to him about the power of music and said he should call himself Ashkii, Ashkii has since gone on to compose music for films, meet Tori Amos, be taught by producer Pip Williams who has worked with the likes of the Moody Blues and Status Quo and regularly campaigns for the mental health charity Mind.
After battling illness, Ashkii used the motivation of recording more music to help him recover.  The outcome is his new single Like A Soprano which has been described as encompassing the core of classic 90's R&B
Further information on Ashkii can be found on his website www.ashkiimusic.tumblr.com or you can follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/therealashkii

You can listen to Ashkii's new single, Like A Soprano below:

St Christopher Medal - Biography

When the Scotpop 4-piece Life With Nixon signed off for good in August of 1998 at Sleazy's in Glasgow, it seemed like the end of something special. Time had run out on Britpop - too many bands, not enough ideas. Getting less young and less stupid, time had also run out on the Nixon's own brand of 'sloppy energy'. They did a lot in 5 years, squeezed a lot of goodwill out of two ep's and a million shows, but even the best bands split up eventually - it happens.

But things don't always stay where they're put. A full 17 years later, Ali and Kenny Mathieson, Billy Nisbet and David Mack, all four Nixons from that night at Sleazy's, are about to release “Glori” the third trailer single to be taken from “Sunny Day Machine”, the wonderful forthcoming debut album by St Christopher Medal which, after many delays, is finally due out on Stereogram Recordings on October 30th 2015.

Along with newbie Andy Jeffries on piano (Ali's roommate from university in the late '80's!), St Christopher Medal make music that is full to the brim with 17 years of life, love, kids, jobs and the whole history of rock n roll. Ali, who writes the songs and sings them, teaches in a high school in rural Perthshire - Kenny, his brother and ace guitarist, spins vinyl at The Dead Rabbit in Upper Manhattan where he lives Billy, David and Andy play bass, drums and piano in Perth, Teeside and Dorset respectively. Makes practicing difficult. Gigs are rare and valuable things.

You've got to really want to be in a band like St Christopher Medal!

But “Sunny Day Machine” is a record that none of them could have made in their 20's. It's energy comes from long friendship. From deep love of music, from C86 to the classic country rock of The Stones and the Flying Burrito Brothers. None of it dimmed for even a moment. Teenage Fanclub. The Hold Steady. Dylan. The songs are denser, more complete. They're about life - growing up, surviving over time, dreams, children - and they're sad and funny. The record was made in six days of being together (years of gigging paying off in deeply unexpected ways) followed by two years of head-scratching. It is the sound of a band who can't stop being a band, even when being in a band makes no practical sense.

Sometimes the best things in life make no sense at all. “Sunny Day Machine” is a statement of intent. After 23 years of playing together, St Christopher Medal are finally getting started!

Video for “Vatersay Love Song”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0vg4MhDNzg

Video for “From A Zafira Comfort”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCHJiGe2bzo

Cunic Ensemble have got a new EP "Blues For You" coming out on Monday 12th October 






George Simpson and Melton Music Records have now released VETO. George's thirds main single. George has sold albums ' Playing for Strangers & Get on this ride' all round the world, and with his last two singles receiving plays on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine, Graham Norton and Good Morning Sundayshows, we hope VETO is equally as well received and would greatly appreciate your support in giving it a play.

George is an independent DIY artist and we are giving you the track first before it's impact release date of 23rd October 2015.

Souls is the debut EP from Norwegian musician Aleks Grey, a stunning collection of uplifting indie pop anthems.

Born in Volda, Norway, acutely shy Aleks had never dared to sing publicly until one of his best friends forced him to audition for a part in a musical. Aleks was successful and a embarked on a successful career in musicals Rent, West Side Story and Les Miserables, with leading roles in each one. He also went on tour with Fame - the musical.


Alongside his career on the stage, Aleks founded his band The Last Province with a group of friends. They played several festivals including Malakoff in 2011 and had their first single 'Lullaby' playlisted on Norway's national radio station NRK P1.


2013 saw Aleks start his solo project, immediately securing airplay at NRK P1, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing. In July 2013 Aleks played Malakoff Rock Festival and won a grant for best young act.


A move to Liverpool in 2013 allowed Aleks to connect with his current backing band. His singles have gained worldwide airplay and huge critical acclaim, establishing him as a very exciting emerging artist.



The Band:

Aleksander Raftevold (Aleks Grey) - vocal/piano/synth/guitar

Reece Cairns - Drums/pad

Eline Brun - bv/piano/synth

Andreas Oxholm - bv/bass

Andreas Skuggen - guitar



Social Media:







Hope you're well, would love to get your thoughts on this please...

Rebecca James is a Pop, urban, singer-songwriter who blends vocal harmonies with a modern urban sound. Throw in a twist of classical training and a taste of youthful exuberance and you have an exciting and dynamic pop star.

Backed by the likes of BBC 1Xtra on previous releases, and the original version of On My Way being chosen as BBC Introducing track of the week, Rebecca is back with On My Way, the Gifted remix, which features the very talented V Simmons.

This remix puts Rebecca in a totally new space which only goes to show off her versatility. Her stunning vocals blend well with the trap style synths and compliments this more gritty remix with charm and bold expression.

After lining up on stage next to some of the UK’s biggest artists at The Wembley Arena and completing her own national schools tour, this has already been an impressive year for the Welsh born singer, and with her mixtape due out November 2015 as well as other exciting things planned for 2016, it would be best to keep an eye on Rebecca James for the coming year.

‘On My Way (Gifted Remix) will be available from November 23rd

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