Thursday, 2 February 2012

Album Review

Beautiful Monday album - DIElle

From the first perfect note of the title track ( beautiful Monday ) you feel like this really is the inside workings of Dielle's mind. Slowly taking you the listener on a journey,savouring every last word and it's meaning.

This is more than an album it's a new best friend , one you will see,hear often.
These unique set of songs feel more like moments in time, recorded for posterity in the form of music and lyrics .
Stand out tracks Strangers and
Sapphire Tears may deal with the usual topics of love, loss and the human emotion but it succeeds in doing so in a fresh way.This is testament to Dielle's leap forward in songwriting terms.

This is an artist coming if age.
Stop, hear, never look back!
2012 first new favourite album of the year.

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