Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Music Engine jukebox show 4/3/14

Big thanks to our guests tonight Chiyoda Ku

Here's the playlist details 

Playlist -

Dolium -Transmuission Impossible 
Secret wish /secret lie -I can be free 
Grace Solero -Riptide 
The cheek of her -write me a letter 
Charlie Law -Who made heaven 
James Kirby -Home sweet Home 
Last one -under my skin 
Ego Honey -Summer 
Bashy -Being the lights down 
Chloe -upside down 
The finest hour -Over bar the shouting 
Pawns or kings -Late have I loved 
Warehouse Riots -Skimming stones 
Nytehustle -Jump 
Mark Holland -Pioneers
Sigma FT taylor fowlis -Summer calling 
Orphean sounds -Come with me 
Junior Turner -save me 
Ollie Banks -Back to you 
Mireille Mathlener-Written in Blood
The Undivided -This new day 
Rawdeal -make you mind up FT Akan Chan 
The Aviators -What do you want from me 
The bedroom Hour -Shadow boxer 
So Called Enemy-Tonight  

Chiyoda Ku -Firefly Squid
Stop watching TV Your Being Conditioned 
Without a question he has all the answers 


An integral part of the DnB scene, Sigma (aka Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie) have rapidly been gaining a reputation for their eclectic style of dance floor beats.
Their track “All Blue” is the most downloaded song of all time on drum and bass arena. But it was their collaboration with DJ Fresh on the 2011 single “Lassitude” which brought them to the attention of a wider audience and gained them the support of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and Greg James.
Sigma’s remix of Dubstep star Rusko’s  “Somebody to Love” has had close to 5 and a half million plays on UKF’s YouTube channel alone! Main support headline tours with DJ Fresh and Rusko followed in 2012.
The duo has also remixed tracks for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Eric Prydz, Groove Armada, Skepta and Sway.

NyteHustle who are based in London, England.
Created by the artist who goes by the name of I-Man-I, the NyteHustle brand has had its music described as a fusion of cultures since they begun releasing their own material.
Their latest track titled Jump features 11 year old Yahli and is likely to be the first of many more from the production label that wants to make you jump and dance to the music.
Details on how you can purchase Jump along with further information on NyteHustle can be found on their website www.nytehustle.com or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nyte.hustle

Great new band from the States (Dallas/Fort Worth to be precise) with their brand new single "Sick Day at the Rave" Which is available now from the album "The Stars are Watching Us"
You won't have to wait long 'til that chorus comes in: "What's your story, morning glory"
You will be singing this all day!!
"These guys have an awesome sound and that hook is worthy of an A list on any proper rock radio station!" Chris Straw - Bauer Radio, UK.
Sunside are:
Mark Schlotterbeck
Zac Carrington
Jeff Widman
Quincy Johnson
Influences are: Smashing Pumpkins, Ryan Adams, Mew, Failure, Death Cab For Cutie, Sia, The Panic Division, Hum, Mineral, The Fags, The Appleseed Cast, Moving Mountains, Jimmy Eat World, Keane, The Smiths, Pixies, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Sunny Day Real Estate.
Since the official unleashing into the worldwide music scene, SUNSIDE has enjoyed flattering highs and received exciting accolades. The 2012 release of their debut LP, Forever Whenever, threw it all into motion.
Within just weeks, favorites like Driving In Cars and B-Side Girl were spinning on international airwaves and the world was getting their first taste of the 2-piece’s “high energy” and “riveting, hands-in-the-air” sound.
Great support was also coming from home in the U.S., as Sunside attracted indie label interest out of Los Angeles. Alexis Records recently included 2 Sunside tracks on their "Various Artists" compilation release, which includes bands like Missing Andy and Whitemoor.
Meanwhile, The Dallas Morning News invited the band to perform for their in-studio taping and printed in their nationally renowned publication that "Sunside's star is on the rise".
So what’s next? The band recently wrapped up their second full-length album with Producer, Bryan David in Dallas, TX. The new album, "The Stars are Watching Us" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more online music stores. The Dallas Morning News calls it "A blast of a record!"
Catchy as hell. We hope you enjoy!

James Kirby who is based in, England.
Currently on tour in Spain where he has been holding audiences regardless of age with his beautiful and melodic songs and unique style of guitar playing, the future is looking extremely bright for James Kirby.
Having already performed alongside the likes of Labrinth, Matt Cardle, Pendulum, and The Hoosiers to name but a few, it is expected you will be hearing even more from James Kirby following the recent release of his EP, Distance Between which is now available to purchase via all major download stores.
Details on this along with soon to be announced UK and European tour dates can be found on his website www.jameskirbymusic.com or you can follow him on Facebook 
GRACE SOLERO’s music has a certain raw energy that few artists can convincingly convey.  Singer and guitarist Grace herself possesses a visceral voice of astounding range, and a presence and poise as a performer that points to past dance and gymnastics training. In the group she lends her name to, her star quality is matched by that of California-born, London-based lead guitarist Dan Beaulaurier, whose style displays a rare mix of technical mastery and real soul.  Since first meeting while working on a production of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’ at London’s Theatro Technis, the pair have been producing beguiling, otherworldly sounds that utterly befit such far-from-humble beginnings.

Their debut album ‘New Moon’ is a glorious sonic collision of musical influences. It includes the single ‘Apartheid’, playlisted by Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 6. Emerging like a dark pop-rock cloud with its gritty lyricism, soaring riffs and pain ridden vocals, New Moon has been critically acclaimed and championed by magazines including Classic Rock, Guitar Techniques and The Fly.

 Grace Solero’s core creative duo are joined by drummer Maurizio Liberato and multi-talented bassist Bjorn Zetterlund, who recorded and engineered the record at the band’s self-built North London studio.   By turns both grand and understated, the second album knows when to apply full-force, bracing blasts of gritty noise, and equally how to hold listeners rapt with the subtleties of a single, sustained note or well-placed seconds silence.  At their most sonically abrasive Grace Solero channel the emotional intensity of grunge icons such as Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins, at their most audacious and extravagant they bring to mind Muse's stadium bombast, and, on a sublime, stripped-down cover of ‘Yard of Blonde Girls’, Grace delivers a performance which makes plain why frequent Jeff Buckley comparisons have been fully deserved.

Critics have also likened Grace's vocals to Alanis Morissette, PJ Harvey and Skunk Anansie frontwoman Skin.  For 'Hundred Years Apart' she recorded the majority of her vocal parts live with the band, and the results achieved this way testify both the strength of the talents at work within the group, and the cohesive chemistry between them.  Needless to say, the band possess a captivating stage presence, which has been honed through extensive touring, everywhere from intimate clubs to large stages at outdoor festivals in both Europe and the USA.    It’s a true one-of-a-kind artist who can say she’s performed alongside The Vibrators’ Knox (who in turn said Grace possesses “a world class voice”), Slade’s Noddy Holder (with whom she co-starred in a musical production of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ at London’s Union Chapel) and Tristania’s Mariangela Demurtas - who appears on new single 'Electro' and describes Grace as “one of the most talented people I know”.



Secret Lie who are based in Portugal.
After making their first public appearance in concert in May 2012, Secret Lie have not looked back since.
The release of their album Behind The Truth has resulted in mass exposure with their single I Can Be Free reaching number one on various charts, received national radio play, and has also been included on a prime time TV soap on Portugal’s most viewed TV channel.  In addition to this, their video for the track Beautiful Wild Rose was the most viewed Portuguese musical video on Myspace and Sapo which has contributed to them being invited to perform at a number of top events and festivals in their homeland.
Further information on Secret Lie including details on how you can purchase their album as well as forthcoming live dates can be found on their website www.secretlieband.com or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/1.secret.lie

Ollie Banks
 has just released her mighty new empowerment anthem, ‘Back To You’.
The single, came out on February 24 and is an infectiously catchy blast of pop, conjured by one of the UK’s most ambitious new additions to the music scene.
‘Back To You’ is a fast-paced, high-energy pop track - on a theme which garners massive audiences, undying love.
It is a well-executed potential chart-topper which which leaves the listener wanting to press play again, and again.
The 22-year-old Londoner, Ollie has made it abundantly clear she is going for the big time - having penned music with Simon Ellis, a Brit Award winning songwriter and musical director who's worked alongside the likes of Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears.
She found herself writing music at the age of eighteen and decided to enter the Open Mic UK - where she made it to the finals and met her musical partner, Jamie Sellers.
Sellers has helped Ollie create her current sound - one she says represents her flamboyant personality, being loud and fun at the same time, while also capturing her sensitive side.
And the singer-songwriter has also just finished a hugely successful School Tour and took to some of the most famous stages in the country - all of which are demanding her return.
There is much more to come from Ollie Banks - and 2014 is her year.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/olliebanksmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/olliebanksmusic
Web: www.olliebanks.com

Artist - Junior Turner
Single Title - Save Me
Release Date - 28th March 2014
Availability - iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

Bashy 'Bring The Lights Down'
Released: 4th May.
Independent music artist, actor and entrepreneur Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas, one of the
UK’s most seminal urban talents is set to release his new single, ‘Bring The Lights
Down’ on 5th May 2014, the second cut from his much anticipated forthcoming EP.
Following from his last single (These are the songs) which independently charted at
Number 57, was Record Of The Week on BBC 1xtra (Charlie sloth) and was the
Number 1 MTV Base Video Of The Week, this single aims to build upwards from the
momentum gained as a consequence of this and his leading role in the latest series
of TOPBOY. We are sure we will see continued support from Radio 1 (Sara Cox),
1Xtra (Charlie Sloth, Mistajam, Trevor Nelson) and Kiss.
Not only is Bashy renowned for setting the bar for clever and authentic musical
artistry, but he is also widely respected for his business acumen as an independently
funded and released artist, impacting on the UK underground scene through big
ideas rather than access to big budgets. Since the release of his epic debut single
‘Black Boys’ (produced by Naughty Boy) in 2007, Bashy’s story has only gone from
strength to strength and firmly established himself as a certified talent in both the
music and acting.

Chloe who is based in New York, USA. 
After people begun noticing her singing talent while she was just a toddler, followed by her picking up the guitar at the age of 8 and learning to play songs by some of her idols such as Taylor Swift, Chloe has not looked back since.
Now writing her own material which she has performed at a number of talent shows and open mic gigs in coffee shops, the attention she was receiving resulted in one of her songs being used on the ABC, Family TV show The Vineyard last year.  
Now at the age of 14, she has released her new single and video for Upside Down which is now available to purchase on iTunes.
Details of this along with further information on Chloe can be found on her website www.facebook.com/chloecollinsmusic or you can follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/chloecollinsmus

 Pawns Or Kings who are based in St Louis, USA. 
Previously promoted by Deuce in January 2012, Pawns Or Kings now return with their new album titled Pomme de Terre.
Taking their name from The Count Of Monte Cristo where Napoleon Bonaparte says ‘We are all Pawns or Kings. Emperors and fools’, Pawns Or Kings are now beginning to create a huge stir on the St Louis music scene and beyond.
Having formed after discovering the Folk revival going on in the Americana and London Folk scenes, the three piece have since been played on a large number of radio stations in the US and around the world which has resulted in gig offers in Nashville Tennessee and even as far away as Peru through their own self promotion.   In addition to this, the band are currently in the process of arranging a UK tour for the summer.
Quoted as being resplendent, with expertly played banjo, and absolutely beautiful vocals, you can find out further details on Pawns Or Kings by visiting their website www.facebook.com/pawnsorkings

Ego Honey 

Midlands indie-pop rockers Ego Honey are preparing to release of their brand new single, ‘Seventeen’.
With a furious driving, urgent and enlivened medley of guitars, piano and drums - the track has created a fresh, new sound from the young rockers.
The tightly-wrapped and unmistakable vocal of the lead singer, Matt, is a robust new entry to the world of indie pop.
Parading a well-executed stage presence, the young gents are reminiscence of some of Britain’s most notorious rock stars.
Ego Honey, which comprises of Matt, Ben, Dan, Jon and Ruddy are based in Birmingham since they formed in April 2013.
The five-piece have been rapidly gathering a profile in their local stomping ground. They kicked off the year with a support slot for London-based Dexters, and have since played a set for Oasis megastar Liam Gallagher’s Birmingham Pretty Green store, as well as a sell-out show at the HMV institute.
Having been featured on The Unsigned Guide and received festival interest, the band have amassed an army of fans in the Midlands.
And they’re looking to continue their success with ‘Seventeen’, which is due out on February 24.
Live at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham on March 14th.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EgoHoney
Email: ego-honey@hotmail.co.uk


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