Saturday, 8 March 2014

First showcase of march

Thanks to New talent Sam Tanner for coming on the show. It's always great to put the spotlight on the unheard. ! 

We also had the local jukebox hour ! Thanks to all the listeners who sent in their requests ! 

Showcase  8/3/14

Guest - Sam Tanner 

Jc's Big sound of the week -Aaron Douglas -Shipwrecks 

Album of the week -Feeling Acoustic 
Real good time 
Let's get free 

Playlist -

Beyond The Clones -Gentian remix 
Without a choice 
Land of the giants -The Drop ( giant remix ) 
Isaac Indiana -Make me laugh 
Someday I -Live it up ( acoustic track especially for the show ) 
Willie & the bandits -Son of the gun 
Circle if reason -Chasing the sun 
The demagogues -Cocaine blues 
Holly Morwenna -Guitar 
Red pocket Fox -Magic people
The cut ups -Building Bridges 
Elusive -Feel the darkness 
Francesca canale-Dow -What am gonna do with my love 
Alex Audible -Stranger 
Count to fire -Pictures on the wall 
Broadwalk Isabella  -resurrection  man 
Sunday Skyclub -Call me tonight 
Crooked Daniel -The King 
Raining Globe -Feel the sun 
Xander Rawlins -We see you 
Low tide theory -This will tell 
Adam sweet -pride ( recorded acoustic exclusive for the show ) 
Alex Gregory -one if the same kind 
Megan fellows -Only 
Tiny Folds -Mystery / chemistry 
Ten Percenter -the echoes that are lost 
Josie Lloyd -Shake that thing 
Moriaty - Bleding 
The Kedellas -Heaven sent 
Downfall -Raw
The normals -your romance 
Sam Mayo -hit the ground running 
Charley Finfold -battle 

Info -

Aaron Douglas

Gigs to go to 

Cut Purse Rascals play the 
Lemmy on Tuesday  11/3/14 8.45 as part of Exeter Arts Fest

Raining Globe  

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