Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Music engine show 4/2/14

Tonight's show had a cool warm vibe ..unlike the weather outside .

Big up my guests tonight The Cut Purse rascals & Tommy Crutch and the wild collective . Two very different bands both excellent music and fun ! 

Playlist -

Lyrika Holmes -Attention 
Black Vendetta -Breakaway 
Leokai -Heartbeat 
Gimson -Reality check 
Tenek -State of mind
Morocco -Blow those candles out 
Allusondrugs -my cat 
Reign of Kings -Another day 
Coco & the Butterfields -Scarecrow
School of language -Between the suburbs 
The kut -No trace 
Hellbound -Chosen fate 
King kash -Something now 
Kirsten Orsbourn -We are the people 
Casper -Never give up 
Let the music play -Bright  
The cut purse rascals -
The wrestler 
100 faces 
Damn vandals -I bring you love 


Lyrika who is based in Georgia, USA
Born and raised by her parents in St Louis, and being part of a family in which everyone breathed music like air, Lyrika soon became known as ‘The Harp Girl’ due to her always being seen carrying her Harp during her school days.
After continuing to learn the Harp, Lyrika has since gone on to perform at numerous events and occasions around the world, and shared the stage with many phenomenal artists such as Aretha Franklin and Howard Hewitt to name but a few.
The release of her new solo single, Attention, has seen Lyrika featured on a large number of radio stations across the US, with her video for the single currently receiving over 26,000 plays on YouTube.
Details on how your can purchase her material along with more information on Lyrika can be found on her website www.lyrikaholmes.com or you can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lyrikaholmes

Welcome to Black Vendetta. my real name is Nathan Virica . I am a 23 year old songwriter and rhythm guitarist, from Harrogate. I spent 3 years of my life in bands, one of which was within touching distance of making it work, and in the end it was only drummers, bassists, singers, lead guitarists, venues, people in general, circumstances in general, life in general and my location at the time that prevented me from achieving this. School predictably failed and thereafter finding little else in Harrogate other than the guy who plays Marlon in Emmerdale (who is a truly miserable bastard if you ever happen to see him in real life!) and a truly shit nightclub known as the moko lounge I decided to come to London and change my strategy along the way. I am now a solo artist (but I kept the band name I so beautifully crafted back in 2007 :)), using guest singers for the purposes of live performance. If topic matters such as depression, alienation, rejection, recreational drug misuse, failure, cripling anxiety disorders and the occasional reference to death float your boat then my word do I have a treat for you! x

Single: 'Tennis Girl (Feat. Lauren Slater)'.
EP: (Four Tracks) is called 'Cigarettes, Alcohol, Love and Injustice'.

Album: (Eight Tracks) is called 'Draconian Backlash'. (All songs written by Nathan Virica).
          1. This Is Where It All Begins (Feat. Layla Amini).
          2. Hero (Feat. Salli Alexander).
          3. Go Ahead And Make My Day (Feat. Lauren Slater).
          4. Breakaway (Feat. Lauren Slater).
          5. No Chance (Feat. Layla Amini).
          6. Leave Me Now (Feat. Lauren Slater).
          7. Tennis Girl (Feat. Lauren Slater).
          8. Death Of An Angel (Feat. Salli Alexander).

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School Of Language * single is Between the Suburbs and its out on 24 February 2014. Its from the new album called Old Fears which is set for release on Memphis Industries on 7 April 2014.
Old Fears. It’s a pop record. A place of clipped falsetto, melancholic funk, iridescent electro, shimmering post-punk, futurist prog. A self-contained sphere of strange sensations. Beguiling textures. Lengthening shadows. 
At times it is both liminal and minimal, at others emotive and external. Ambiguous and ambient. Tantalising and tempered. Modern. Unique. And funny too. “I wrote a lot of notes and they seemed to distinctly split into things to do with love and things to do with fear,” says David Brewis. “A lot of it has ended up with me looking back at when I was 19, 20 - my formative years. So though I wouldn't want to call it a concept album it's definitely themed.”
Here each song has been honed and polished into something pure, like a vast block of marble chiselled down into a perfectly tiny delicate egg of FabergĂ©-esque perfection. Recorded throughout 2013 in Field Music’s studio on the banks of the River Wear in Sunderland, synth flourishes sit alongside the staccato jarring guitars of ‘A Smile Cracks’ and the metronomic rhythms of ‘Dress Up’. Like a Ballard novel or a George Shaw painting, ‘Between The Suburbs’ offers perhaps the most lyrical and poetic moment, where “Dogs chase patterns, play to attention / Bulbs glare on greasy roads...”.
The title track meanwhile is reminiscent of the haunting giallo film scores of Goblin or kosmische music at its most moving while ‘Moment Of Doubt’ displays shades of Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt. Other oblique influences come in the form of early Justin Timberlake and N*E*R*D albums, “a bunch of disco records”, Canadian experimentalist Sandro Perri, Dr John, Fela Kuti and Shalamar.
A haunted collection that occupies a strange, hazy hinterland of permanent gloaming. One where snatched melodies pass each one another like cars gliding by at night on their way back to the silent suburbs. These are polished pieces composed without contrivance. Old Fears. An album that is neither retrogressive or futurist, but simply anchored in the moment. Pure. 
By beautiful album closer ‘You Kept Yourself’ one is left with the sensation of seeing, smelling and tasting the world anew.
* School Of Language is the nom de plume of Brewis, a member of Mercury prize-nominated pop group Field Music. His first album as School Of Language Sea From Shore was released to wide acclaim in 2008. A pop polymath, the past twelve months have also seen David assemble and play in Eleanor Friedberger’s touring band, do production work for Maximo Park, Futureheads-affiliates Rivals, Pea Sea and a collaboration between brother Peter Brewis and Paul Smith, as well as remixes for Dutch Uncles, The Ralfe Band and Phoenix Foundation. He has also performed a score for 1929 silent documentary Drifters (and will be again at the Aldeburgh Festival on 1 February) and composed pieces inspired by books shortlisted for the inaugural Gordon Burn literary 

The Kut who are based in London, England 
With the release of their new single No Trace already receiving exposure on a number of radio stations, attention is growing at a huge rate both in the UK and the US for The Kut.
Front woman, lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Maha has been quoted as being a Slash/Linda Perry hybrid and has managed to secure for the band an endorsement deal with a well known amp company making her one of the only females in the UK to have their seal of approval.  On top of this achievement, The Kut have performed at a number of high profile festivals including London’s People Day which attracted over 30,000 people and have had their music videos broadcast on a selection of TV channels.    
No Trace has been described as being dark and emotive and is available to purchase through iTunes and all other major distributors.  Details on this along with forthcoming gig dates can be found at www.thekut.co.uk or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thekutgirlsrock

Hellbound who are based in Gloucester, England 
With their unwillingness to toe the corporate line and bow down to commercial acceptance, Hellbound’s no frills attitude intertwined with heavy, aggressive riffs and drum beats is contributing to them building a solid reputation for keeping Metal alive.
Taking their name from a Pantera track who the band are huge fans of, Hellbound are becoming more and more established in the UK which is being recognised by them being the first band to play the Bulldog Bash on 5 consecutive occasions, and also finishing in the top 2 at the Exposure Music Awards for the Best Metal band category.  
Further information on Hellbound including details on how you can purchase their material and forthcoming gig dates can be found on their website www.hellboundmusic.com or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hellboundmusic

King Kash who is based in London, England 
Born in Ukraine to Ugandan parents and raised in East London, by the tender age of 8 King Kash had already started rapping whilst being a cellist in his school orchestra.  
Leaving no stone unturned King Kash has built his support from the ground upwards through selling his first Mixtape in the streets of London’s West End which resulted in exposure on local radio stations and gigs across the UK.  2012 saw his hard work all paying off though when he was invited to perform at the London 2012 Paralympic Games helping increase his profile even further.
Further information on King Kash including details on how you can purchase his material and forthcoming gig dates can be found on his website www.kingkashmusic.com or you can follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kingkashmusic 

‘Another Day’ by Reign of Kings is a tantalising glimpse of what is to come from the British rock quartet.
The debut single is set to hit the downloads next month, on February 1.
‘Another Day’ is a manifestation of the band’s ability to write a hook-filled, radio-friendly track with universal appeal.
Deep within the realm of time-honoured rock, it captures the mood in an excellent and rabble-rousing turn.
With refined vocal harmonies and production, the influence of rock’n’roll royalty Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles is clear.
The band, which is Dan Steel (vocals), Dave Sylva (guitar), AJ Collyer (bass) and Jenny Ford (drums) have penned an EP, which is due out in March.
And they’ve wasted no time - with more than 400 gigs played leading up to the coming launch.
Reign of Kings have shared stages with some of the most regal acts, including Whitesnake, Journey, McFly, Stooshe and Loveable Rogues at T-Live in the park.
And BBC Introducing has also branded them “absolutely amazing. The guys are fantastic!”
A music video is due out with the single, along with the debut EP ‘All the Right Pieces’ - produced by Tom Gittins at Monochrome Productions - on March 1, 2014.
Midlandrocks commented: “The band embraces all that is good about the songwriting art.”
Surface Unsigned said: “Hooky riffs, deep baselines, winding solos and a distinctive layers vocal combination.
“Reign of Kings show a real skill for composing and writing their tracks.”
Music 224 added: “By the time they had left the stage, the bar had truly been raised up high for those about to follow.”
Email: reignofkings@hotmail.com
Web: www.reignofkings.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/reignofkingsofficial
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rock_official_uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ROK_OFFICIAL

 letthemusicplay, ‘Bright’ features The Horrors front man Faris Badwan! It’s already received good support from XFM and 6Music 
Out feb 24 

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