Thursday 23 February 2012

Review -Grice -Propeller

Propeller like many of the best debuts is a blindingly obvious mix of influences used to shape a truly breathe taking, life absorbing album that will be the listeners companion for years to come. Swinging from electro folk pop to grunge funk , embedding itself in the listeners subconscious .
Remember the excitement of hearing that sound, the one that made you want to stop, look at yourself and say " that's my path". Well these thirteen songs may just be that trigger ,for the next generation.
Grice ( London born now SouthWest
based singer songwriter ) delivers his first full length album with seamless ease. Starting proceedings with patiently , an instantaneous hit. Dripping with the past , present and future feel of a lost soul classic the fastest and most absorbing six minutes you could ever wish for .
A brave move that asks the question could this have peaked already ?
Over the course of this record that fear is soon put to bed as the listener gets lost in the twists and turns created by Grice .
Music is art and this is one of the most beautiful, romantic ,dramatic,
pieces of personally crafted song writing you will ever hear.
Gushing I know and quite frankly embarrassing .
Grice is Grice and long may he continue to be so.

( Jackson Cooper Riviera FM)

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