Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fun on the showcase 22/2/14

Had one ace show tonight . Thanks to all the listeners that sent in questions for my guests tonight Chris Good .& Crooked Daniel . Was great to chat . Plus an extra thanks to Crooked Daniel for giving us the first play exclusive of the New EP " The King " 

Till Tuesday jc 

Jc's Big Sound -Solarference -Cold blows the wind 

Album/EP  Of the Week -Clara Bond -Focus EP 
-Hello My Goodbye 
-Does your girlfriend know you single 

Playlist -

The Verbals-Infidels 
Circle if reason -Silver Scene 
Jay Tamkin -Hollywood 
Red On You -Your no fun 
The Martones -Crimson 
Clare Barton -Every silver Lining has a cloud 
Beyond The clones -Big V 
Genetix FT Padman -Anxiety 
Rough Cut -Run Home 
Mandalas -Wide awake
Yazzy -Believe 
Phocasm-Belnism 90
Land Of The Giants -Love is here 
Leighton Howley -Lighter Load 
Digital Natives -Dead Space 
Karl Zumar -Moonshine Girl 
Peter Crawford -songbook
Haunt The Woods -Out There 

Chris Good -
Cut and Run 
I just bring you down 
I've kissed your face 
Oh my brother 

Crooked  Daniel -from King EP 
Dirty Games 
The King 
Two sides 

Info - Chris Good

Crooked Daniel -

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