Saturday, 15 March 2014

Showcase 15/3/14

Big thanks to my guests tonight .We had Token Joker on the show . And they gave us the first and exclusive play of their band new single "Ride The Train"
The Mandals had thieir first ever radio interview ! 

Let's find a new star! 

Jc's Big sound of the week -Raining Globe-Superman 

Featured Artist -Russell Sinclair -Mr Bigshot 
Turn it black 

EP of the week -The Pretty Fragile 
I can bite harder than you ( exclusive first play. )  out May 30 
Leaves a taste 
Touch me 

Playlist -

Token Joker -Shotgun 
Ride the train (exclusive first play of new single ) 
Casitas -Girl 
Will Hawkins -Early warning sign 
Circle of reason -Don't be Still 
John Tomkins -Taking time out 
Mantaraybryn -I've never seen a cyclone 
Morning Rush -Game of guarding hearts ( live ) 
Low tide Theory -Exit Ramp 
Ocean view drive -Don't say 
The scribes FT Mc Lars -Two minutes hate 
Jas Homer -Maybe I was wrong 
Ticks and stones -Big red light 
Mandalas -In out nothing 
Wide awake 

Willie & the bandits -Son of a gun 
Clara Bond -Does your girlfriend know your single 
Karl Zummar -Horizon 
Issac Indiana -Make me laugh 
Land of the giants -Drop ( can't steps remix ) 
Elusive -Feel the darkness 
Holly Morwenna -Guitar 
Fourth base -Waltz on in 
Adam Isaac -Show off 
Sculpture music -Keep this space 
Adam sweet -The best thing she ever had 
The tourists -we'll talk about it 
Beyond the clones -with out choice ( gentian remix ) 


Token Joker -

Raining Globe - 
Superman is now available for download from website.


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