Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Album Review

You may not know the name Lee Fletcher but if you have listened to any music (locally or otherwise ) in the past few years then you will have heard his work.
Having made contributions of help and guidance to many other artists,including Grice on his last album.Where he played,arranged ,mixed and produced.

But here he stands on his own two feet showing us his true colours and showing that he is much more than a guiding hand for hire !
Faith in worthless things is an album of depth and grand statements in the least obvious way. It's magic needs to breath and unfold over several listens. It's a grower , not only for the listener but in its own stature as an artistic record .With help from long standing friend and collaborator Markus Reuter and featured vocals from Lisa Fletcher ( Lee's wife ) There is a distinctive thread flowing over these ten tracks . A diffused sound taking in elements of rock , jazz, electronica and Celticmeanderings It's cyber-folk for the 21 century . It even takes in the sounds of nature in a six o' clock wake up call kind of way .
Some may say its back ground dinner table music for the middle classes and their polite social circles but i would not be one of them.. Yes it's a musical album for the music led listener. If that's not you then stay away as this album will be a disappointment . But if you have an open pallet and a ear for something different then dive right it!Standout tracks Include " Life on Loan ,Is it me ( Or is it you)" which kick starts the album and The Inner Voice which is better than any of Sade's latest efforts .Enter with an open mind and you will be reworded .
Physical Cd is out on October 1 pre-order and get free download now. A live stream is also available -
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