Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Music Engine playlist 29/10/12

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Hope you enjoyed the show. Had a cracking chat with the boys from OZ band Kotadama on the phone. They called us !
Below is a few details of all the music I played tonight
You can buy Kotadama music on iTunes .

Amir Haider who is based in London, England.
you can find further details on Amir Haider along with information on forthcoming gig dates on his websites www.amirhaider.com and www.facebook.com/amirsongs

Redlight who are based in Marseille, France.
website www.facebook.com/officialredlight

Tracey Browne releases her single River City in Nov.
Taken from her debut album Everyone is Ordinary and invoking comparison
For more information go to www.teamtracey.co.uk

World5 who are based worldwide!
details on how you can purchase their album by visiting their websites www.world5music.com and www.facebook.com/world5band

Freezy (Freeze), born in Detroit Michigan in 1989, is an up-n-coming hip hop artist out of Hartford Connecticut. His witty punches, steady flow, and ability to rip east-coast beats has gained him recognition and the opportunity for a promising future in the music industry.
Freeze now has 4 mixtapes behind him as he now focuses on the next step to bring him into the spotlight of relativity. Having worked with Connecticut house-hold names like Marcus Gold, Prestige, Klokwize, and ATV - Freeze looks to build upon his current foundation and following through collaborations and networking.

Be sure to check out his new mixtape - Cypher Sessions (http://www.datpiff.com/Freezy-Cypher-Sessions-mixtape.377691.html) - available now!!"

Friends Of Emmet who are based in Dublin, Ireland and Los Angeles, USA
further details on this along with information on their forthcoming album on their websites www.friendsofemmet.com and www.facebook.com/friendsofemmet

Indie Folk heroes featuring the finest that the Willkommen Collective of Brighton has to offer.
“This is real, beautiful, honest, gracious and just plain wonderful music” - 9/10 The Blue Walrus
"Undoubtedly one of the UK’s best upcoming bands... Laish make humble, raw and wholesome folk music that’s as catchy as it is soulful" Take on the Road
“Beguiling songs of love and fasting” - Mojo Magazine
LAISH - http://laishmusic.com/

Clara Engel
There's some more information on Clara on my website: http://www.voxhumanarecords.co.uk/Vox_Humana/Clara_Engel.html

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