Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Music engine show 5/3/13

Tonight the Crooked Little Sons came in for a live chat and we played the new single from their new EP which is due out for free download in April

playlist -

Michael Winther -Orange In the blue
Will Mak -Head over heels
F.O.E -Coming Apart
Brando walker -Nothing better 2 Do
New kids on the block -Remix ( I like it )
Isolated Atoms -Hold on
Bee -Tails of the unexpected
Valentine -Love like
Many eyes -The way we are
The glass hearts -Why should I care
Ataraxis Vibration -Nothing Lasts forever
King Canute -Necessary Evil
Crooked Little Sons -He who dares
The Fuse -Different Life
Low tide theory -To begin again
Hundred days -Sex U

Info -

King Canute
A rock band you can dance to!
There’s a fire in the belly of singing bassist Jon “JC” Lett, whose visceral lyrics and punk vocal stylings are bathed in sing-a-long melodies that you will be humming for weeks. Backed by the relentless drumming powerhouse that Jack “Gump” Summerfield brings to the duo, you’ll be hard pushed not to be bowled over by the fist pumping anthems that these two provide.
“There’s an honesty and intensity to these songs, hidden behind the power of the amps and those drum hits.” says Jon. “I believe you can be more honest through the music than anything you can express in worlds alone.”
“The songs may sound very negative and angry in their lyrical content, but actually they are relentlessly optimistic” adds Jack. “It was important to us to stay true to the heart of the song, while keeping it catchy enough that we were actually singing in in our sleep.”
King Canute are set to release their debut double A-sided single featuring the catchy as hell “Necessary Evil”, an anthemic ode to drug addiction, and “Live Like We’re Dead” the raunchy fist-pumping epic.
The duo, from Guildford, are now stunning critics across the board to prove that two, in fact is the magic number...
Available through In At The Eye Records from February 25th 2013, via iTunes, Amazon, 7 Digital, Spotify and all other digital retailers.
Live dates:
March 9th - The O2 Academy, Birmingham
March 28th - The Cave, The Holly Tree, Kingston upon Thames
April 26th - The Commie, Guildford.

Friends Of Emmet who are based in Dublin, Ireland and Los Angeles, USA.

Spending their time between Dublin and Los Angles while recording and promoting their forthcoming album, State Of Mind, Friends Of Emmet are creating a huge buzz in preparation for the release of it this year.
Having already been played on radio stations in England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Australia, Spain, Canada, America, Ecuador and Italy, the interest gained has seen them interviewed and performing on TV show Canada AM viewed by over 3 million viewers, and also played on a number of MTV shows. In addition to this, their song Hero was featured in the independent film The Saving and they have also had their music heard on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.
Their new video for the track Coming Apart has recently been released and the single will be available to purchase via iTunes and all other major download stores from 22nd February. The song was written about Kevin Hines who survived a suicide attempt after jumping from The Golden Gate Bridge; one of the few to survive the plunge from 245 feet above the water. The band have since gone on to tour colleges across America with him, and you can find further details on this along with their video and information on their forthcoming album on their websites www.friendsofemmet.com and www.facebook.com/friendsofemmet

GiGi who is based in New Jersey, USA.
Described as being a talented songwriter who does it in a way that will make you feel good, GiGi is now beginning to create a huge stir on the American music scene.
Drawing influences from 80’s Pop hits and looking up to artists such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Prince, in her short career so far GiGi has already supported P. Diddy’s Donnie Klang, featured on a number of local radio stations, opened at the Blueclaws Minor League Baseball Stadium, and most recently hitting the top 30 charts in her area, not to mention also having her music featured in a new film.
GiGi’s new single Put Your Freakin Hands Up has now been released and is available to purchase through all major digital stores and will also be included on Bongo Boy’s compilation album which is being released in March. Further details on her single plus forthcoming gig dates can be found on her websites www.bongoboyrecords.com/GiGi.php and www.facebook.com/Jerseysgigi

Michael Winther who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Previously promoted by Deuce in September 2010, Michael Winther (pronounced Winter) now returns with his new single Orange In The Blue
Having been guitarist with a number of different bands and artists, 2010, for the first time saw Michael Winther decide to start up his own solo project; writing, recording and performing his own songs.
The success he received could not have been predicted with his first single Politicians Dismissed, a tribute to UNICEF, receiving widespread radio exposure with all revenue from the sales going towards the charity. Since then his fan base has grown to nearly 200,000 on Facebook and My Space with more expected to follow when his forthcoming album is released on 1st March.
Michael’s new single Orange In The Blue is currently in the running for a Danish Radio Award which will be decided in April. Details on how you can purchase this along with information on the new album can be found on his websites www.michael-winther.com and his


Valentiine are a 3 piece all-girl garage rock band from Melbourne, Australia. 'Love Like' is their debut UK single for Integrity Records (INT

The single's video is at:

Love Like' is out on April 8th, through iTunes, Amazon and other reputable download stores. The album and a further UK tour follow in June.

www.valentiine.com / www.integrityrecords.co.uk


Isolated Atoms release there brand new single Hold On in April.

Now and again we work with a band who we think have the potent ional to be a huge act. We think Isolated Atoms are just that. U2 of the 80's with the same flame burning in their music.

What ever happened to the rock star?

Isolated Atoms arrive on the UK musical radar playing epic, gutsy rock and roll that is built for the big stage. These Atoms are ready to spark with their stunning

It's Another Day... and tenek's ...got something to say...
Available from Monday 11th of March, to coincide with their tour with Republica (*see website for details -> http://www.tenek.info/). ‘Another Day’ EP brings us brand new material from tenek for 2013!! Available on CD and download from all popular online stores.
It features the title track "Another Day (Radio Edit)", along with an alternate version for the dance-floor remixed by Airwolf One / aka Alberto Trevisan), both tracks immediately grab the attention of the listener!
Then there's the epic "A New Foundation”, which offers a darker and perhaps more mature sound for tenek. Besides all this there is a bonus, remixed 2013 version of one of their most popular tracks, "Elusive", originally from their "EP2" release in 2011. All of these serve to remind us of how great tenek's song writing continues to push new creative envelopes, as well as their thirst to try new ideas as their musical career expands into new directions.
Sept 2007 saw tenek release their first EP, and since then, with each new recording the band continued to grow both musically and in the live arena where they have gained a substantial worldwide fan-base. ‘Another Day’ is another brilliant example of how tenek can create a new vibe with their music, yet manage to retain the core tenek sound that everyone has grown to love.
‘Another Day’ EP offers a mere tease of what is to come from tenek's forthcoming 3rd album!!
Come and see them live on the Republica (UK) tour this March 2013 and in October on the De/Vision “25 Years Best Of Tour 2013” (Germany).

The Fuse who are based in London, England.

Previously known as Lato, the band has been through many highs and lows in their career ranging from being offered a $250,000 record deal in the USA which was dogged with deaths and affairs. This finally resulted in the label going under and the band having to self- fund there own way home from America.
After deciding to make a fresh start, the band changed their name to The Fuse and released their debut album under the new name titled Freedom Of The City. Since the album release, The Fuse have transcended from performing to 3 people at a gig in London, to supporting UB40 in Holland to a crowd of 2,500, and headlining a number of festivals in England and Wales this year. In addition to this, they have also received over 50,000 plays on YouTube and other video platforms, with various radio stations around the world now picking up on their unique sound.
On the back of a recently completed and hugely successful UK tour, The Fuse now return with their new 3 track EP Different Life which is now available to purchase through all major download stores. Details about this along with news on forthcoming gig dates can be found on their websites www.thefusemusic.com and www.facebook.com/thefusemusicl

Many Eyes who are based in London, England.

Described as having bittersweet melodies and driving guitars making a hard hitting sound which is despairing yet hopeful, despite only forming in 2012, Many Eyes are beginning to create a huge buzz on the London music scene.
Having already headlined the infamous Bull & Gate venue in London, Many Eyes have recently gone on to release their debut 3 track EP which is receiving acclaimed feedback from new music fans.
Details on their EP along with information on forthcoming gig dates can be found on their websites www.manyeyesmusic.com and www.facebook.com/manyeyesmusic

Will Mak who is based in Bedfordshire, England.

Described as mixing up the classic Elton John with the contemporary Jamie Cullum, Will Mak’s music career has consistently been on the rise since he first started writing songs in 1989.
Having already won a number of awards such as Tomorrow’s People music award for showing great potential to shine in the future, along with the Gospel/CCM category for international song contest UNISONG, Will Mak has built on this success by releasing his new album titled Run This Race which has been receiving much critical acclaim.
Details on how you can purchase his album along with further information on Will Mak can be found on his websites www.willmakmusic.com and www.facebook.com/WillMakMusic


Released April 1st 2013
Republica dominated the charts in the Nineties and are exploding back into 2013 with a new EP, UK tour and festival slots. The band's iconic and fiery frontwoman, Saffron, Tim Dorney (keyboard), Johnny Male (guitar) and Conor Lawrence (drums) rode the Britpop wave of female-fronted rock bands like Sleeper, Elastica, Garbage and Lush, injecting it with their self-dubbed "techno-pop, punk rock" sound.
Between 1996 and 1999, Republica sold an incredible 3 million albums and clinched Top 5 slots in the UK, America and Europe with platinum sales across the globe, while their hit single Ready to Go soared to Number One in 18 countries. And the band is returning to the scene with the release of their eagerly-awaited single and EP in March, which will be supported by a UK tour across the following venues:
- Thursday 14 March: Garage, London
- Friday 15 March: Fibbers, York
- Saturday 16 March: Forum, Tunbridge Wells
- Monday 18 March: Newcastle O2 Academy
- Tuesday 19 March: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
- Wednesday 20 March: Glasgow Classic Grand
- Thursday 21 March: Nottingham Bodega
- Friday 22 March: Bristol Thekla
- Saturday 23 March: Winchester
Their new material is a welcome return to the gritty, electronica sound which set them apart from fellow Britpop titans, as Saffron explains: "It's been brilliant being back in the studio together with the boys. After touring for years and having side projects and collaborations, it felt really fresh working and recording together again. We all headed to a house in Cornwall, taking the equipment with us and set up a studio. We dug out lots of old keyboards we've collected over the years - even an old analogue modular one that Tim made himself. The first release, 'Christiana Obey' was written with our producer Andy Gray. We've recorded some great new tracks and we're really excited about going out live to perform them. It's all NEW, NEW, NEW!"
Republica will be joining acts including Bon Jovi and The Stone Roses with a slot at The Isle of Wight in June, to share the well-loved tunes that won the hearts of the nation, as well as this exciting, new material.

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