Saturday, 13 April 2013

Riviera showcase show 13/4/13

Well that was a fun show...and I got locked in the studio after ..Is someone trying to tell me something ?

Big thanks to my guests this week- Forge ,Alexander Cowilshaw &
The Beat Magnets who stopped off before playing brixham as part of their Uk tour .Featured Album was from Emily Howard. ( yet to be realised)
Oh and you all went nuts for a guys called David Mcevory.

That was the show that was !

Jc's Big Sound -Ekuls house -Time Ripens all things

Playlist -

Poster Child-Out of time
Jake frieze Green -those days
Laymedown -Me and you
Reckless Princes -He played five
Russell Sinclar -Somewhere
Destruction preventer -Riddle of steel
Spitfire -Hypnotise ( pandaemonium remix )
David Mcevory -Feeling Yesterday & Take Five
Snakeoil Salesmen -Sinner/ saint
Jon Rowe -Waking up without you
We three kings -Who you are
Lukas Drinkwater -
The Humanitaians -Sugar & Stress
Falling Trees -Something memorable
- Trick of the light
Moriarty -Esperanza
Emily Howard - don't skip this track
-Where do I go ?
- who else
The low tide theory - begin again
Red light - mobile disco
Hundred days - sex you
Jude -Girls and boys

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