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The one when JC met Star Styles & Kiera Osment 10/12/16

Thanks to tonight's guests , Star Styles who played a live session / interview plus Kiera Osment who caught up with is on the phone .

Inc on tonight's @rivieragm #jccooperlive 

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Inc on tonight's @rivierafm #jccooperlive PT2

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@adamsweetweets "New Friend " is tonight's big sound of the week #jccooperlive @rivierafm  from up coming EP out Jan 6

We have played @GutterRatKing many times  on #jccooperlive @rivierafm and are doing again now .Why ? It's ace & the EP now out for your listening pleasure ! Go listen more it's ace ! 

Inc on tonight's @rivierafm #jccooperlive PT3


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What a gal that @StarStylesMusic . Great live session and chat on #jccooperlive @rivierafm tonight .

@kieraosment called @rivierafm #jccooperlive tonight . Ace to talk to the talent again ! 

Playlist -

Gravity Drive -Kaleidoscope 

Ange Hardy -The quantock carol 

Jc's Big Sound of the week -

Adam Sweet -New Friend 

Duncan Batey -Blindsided

Gozer Goodspeed -Man with the Ruined  knee 

Chief Whip -Serpentine

The soul connection -The Rapture 

Dead Ground -Empty Promises

The velvet Beat -Hello Stranger & Like you used to 

Kiera Osment -Same Difference & Stage  

Clara Bond -Love can't stay 

Vivid Vague-House  

Pete Falloon -Reasons 

Ollie Stephens -You've changed 

Crooked little sons -Rats 

Land of the giants -Holy Funk 

Connor Walsh -Dance of death 

NUMB -Taste of sweet 

Jake Downs -Chrysalis 

Tiny folds -Amolitude

Roni -Let me in 

Steve pledger -doing well 

I am kode-Paint the sky 

Bo James -rock my world 

Sound of sirens -Together alone ( live Jc show ) 

Malthusian Trap -palpitations 

Chay Snowdon -Famous 

Ryn -Embers 


Featured Artist  


Skin socket 

Info -

Vivid Vague are a haunting prog-folk trio from the shire of Devon. Fronted by Michelle Dilling (Vocals) with Nathan Gregory (Guitars) and Simon Hodgkiss (Drums).


Starting life in 2015 as a grunge rock outfit they have honed their sound into the more subtle and delicate tones that we hear today but still with some dark edges.


Working with the likes of John Cornfield (Robert Plant, New Model Army, Supergrass) in their development, the band have now arrived with a spellbinding live show that is gaining them a loyal and growing fanbase.


Drawing likenesses to Laura Marling, Amy Winehouse, Daughter and Lana Del Rey to name a few, be sure not to miss out on seeing these guys at a venue or festival near you soon. 

VIDEO: Vivid Vague - 'Lost" (Live from the rehearsal room)

VIDEO: Vivid Vague - 'House'

Adam Sweet -

Take Your Time' is a 5 track EP which presents some of his  latest material in a stripped back acoustic format that closely resembles the sound of his one-man shows. The EP was produced, recorded, played and sung entirely by him at his studio in Lyme Regis. This particular track "New Friend" was co-written with Steve Black (with whom I wrote the majority of my first album).


Other social media links:

Lomi are a Plymouth 3-piece playing heavy rock influenced by 90s grunge and everything that kicked ass since.  Formed from Plymouth bands Southpaw Jinx and Discoloured, the members each have over ten years of gigging experience and aim to put on a memorable live show.  Self titled album released in 2017 and said to be the 'best debut this year' on BBC Radio Devon.  Website and facebook is


In Plymouth, late 2014, Sam Harvey and Adam Martin decided to hook back up, having performed together with Adam's brother Glenn ten years previous in Discoloured. One of the bands Discoloured had performed with was The Southpaw Jinx featuring Neil Harwood on drums. Since The Southpaw Jinx split, Neil had helped form and play gigs with Roadhouse Bound, then Orpheus Fury, neither of which lasted long, the frustration leading to a two year hiatus away from the scene. With Glenn not showing interest in a current project, Neil was asked to join and help think of a name. After playing with different tribal and Maori words, 'Lomi' was picked as the meaning 'to massage between the fingers' made us laugh.

Neil's encouragement of reviving some of the old Discoloured material gave the band a good starting point, add to that the new ideas floating around, it wouldn't be long before the band could go live. 2015 saw Lomi hitting the local circuit, playing with some awesome bands and getting a reputation as a band worth keeping an eye on. Away from the stage more new songs were being written and by the end of the year an album worth of songs were pretty much complete.

Early 2016 saw the band join Doc in Plymouth's PMC Studios to get the debut album down - ten tracks, four of which were revamped Discoloured tracks and the rest newly penned.


Unfortunately, band politics meant something had to give and towards the end of 2016 Adam was replaced by Billy Turner. The band now featured an 18 year old, a 28 year old and a 38 year old...

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