Saturday, 14 April 2012

Review -Open the Floodgates

Devon band The Rising return with a new E.P. hot on the heels of last years bombastic creation that was " Lines of Evolution"
The new five track E.P "Open the Floodgates"however is quite a different animal. Minimal in tone but still with a shameless pop hook. That is fast becoming the groups signature .
Something that slaps you in the face on opening tracks " See how we move" ,Again And Again ,both dispensing with the landscaping form of the last E.P instead it seems to have grown into a newly developed synth heart beat courtesy of new member jamie Rowland .
With the latter almost Begging for a summer club remix.
If your not humming along by the time third track "Take Me There" hits your ears then you surely must be dead .
To the bands credit they never exchange the hook for great lyrical content. Something that can be overlooked, but that's never the case here.
Like all good parties we leave early to experience the comedown that is "What Love Feels Like" probably their best songwriting to date and demonstrates the bands growth . A slow atmospheric grower that builds up into an almost gospel peek " put your hand in mine and walk with me to the finish line" Well that's how it should have been left.
Unfortunately the last track "Hold On"( a re-record of a past free download ) Takes up valuable room like the smelly kid at school who hangs around with the cool kids to avoid getting battered. Don't get me wrong it's a great song ,one of my favourites from their back catalog.
The fact that it can be turned into another feel demonstrates this. But considering the band have reportedly spent the last few months writing ten or so tracks a week makes it even more maddening that it has been given the room on the record.It really should have been left as a hidden track or a reprise on any future album, in favour of a new song.
This however is a very minor thing and one that shouldn't detract from the fact that The Rising are a force with a long future ahead of them. Don't be scared, they write good tunes , can sing , have great lyrics.Why relegate them to a guilty pleasure ? Be proud , come out and say we salute you!
Their boys in a band .Does that make them a boy band? No they are quite simply a great band that demands your support!

( Jackson cooper Riviera FM )

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