Sunday, 24 February 2013

Playlist 23/2/13

Friends of the show the Morrisions came by to chat about new album and played a few live tunes . Also Sam & Jemma who are The Namless Girl chatted live about the band and the current remix

JC's big sound -The Normals -I heard Lately

Crooked Little Sons -He who dares
Rough Cut -Guardian Angle
Castles -Wake up
Brando walker -Smoove Mover
Destruction preventer -Blazing fists at dawn
Alex Audible ft Maz Totterdell-Kalideoscope
The swabes -Doo be Doo be Doo
Forge -Ghost
Emily Park -Little slumbers
Backhand saloon -hollow Heart
Jack Bennett -I think she knows
Lee fletcher -Inner voice ( world engine mix )
Owen Penrice -painter part 2
Adam Isaac -some kinda animal
Strange red earth -black oak creek
Jay Tamkin -I can't complain
Simmertones-King of Ska
The Namless girl -Bright Light (remix)

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