Saturday, 9 February 2013

Combined show 9/2/13

Well due to Tuesdays Tec difficulties and the fact that ment there was no show , I combined both the music engine show and the local showcase . See the playlist below with all details for the non local music.

Big thanks to my guests Stephanie Lott & Jasminella Jones.

Playlist -

JC's Big Sound -Moriaty Mindsweeper

Snakeroot-Another day without you
Red light -Dust
Between Falls -Alive
Stone ticket -Drowned in Flame
The Sky's -Is this the way
The Shapers -Sitting on the sand
Lost Legions -Jason's Drugs
Low tide Theory-To begin again
Republica -Christiana Obey
The Damn Vandals -King of Never
Desolation Yes ! -Shivers
Showbiz heroes -tomorrow never Goldfingure
Kotadama -Endure

Rough Cut -Romeos Dead
The Sherpas -Telescope
Sam mayo -Fell
Russ Bray -Factory line best
Red on you -Your no fun
Audio contraband -One mind
Lee fletcher -The inner voice ( world engine remix )
These Reigning days -Too late
Rob murphy -Look upon the mountain
Staffy -Love kills slowly
The Kleaves -The falls
Megan Fellows -Best friend
All the fires -Baby I'm broken
The normals -Love grows
Jack Bartlett -She says
Forge -I'm sorry I apologise

Info for non local artist -

Info -

Ummagma who are based in the Ukraine.
Taking their name from the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma and shortening it, Ummagma have come a long way since their formation in Moscow in 2003.
The duo have already received chart success when they reached number 6 in the Top 40 Scottish New Music Chart and to date have had over 55 reviews written about their two albums in just 5 months. Most recently, the exposure Ummagma were receiving caught the attention of Rolling Stone Russia where they have seen themselves featured in the November and December editions of the magazine.
Described as being a Ukrainian-Canadian duo serving up a generous scoop of easy positive music laced with a richly layered soundscape and sublime resonance, you can find out more information on Ummagma including details on how your can purchase their material on their websites and

Snakeroot who are based in Turkey.
Formed in 2008, Snakeroot is one of the rare Rock bands in Turkey with English lyrics, perhaps even being the only one….
After a number of line up changes in the early years, the band settled on its current line up and begun work on their debut album in 2010, with love, passion, individual freedom, inner conflicts, rebellion and rock and roll defining the philosophy behind their music.
Following a long journey of songwriting and recording which lasted over 2 years, the album is now complete and ready to catch the eyes and ears of Rock fans and listeners worldwide.
Titled Downtown To Ghetto, the album is now available to purchase through all major download stores. Further information on the album along with soon to be announced gig dates can be found on their websites and

The Skys who are based in Lithuania.

The Skys
The Skys now return with their new single Is This The Way?.
Since forming in 1995, The Skys music has spread from their home country of Lithuania to many parts of the world as a result of their heavy gig schedule and national radio and press exposure the band has received over the years.
Having performed at major festivals in France, Russia, Holland, and Germany, the popularity of The Skys was proven for all to see when they won the Best International Band award at the New York International Music Festival where they were noticed among 300 performers.
The Skys have recently released their new album Colours Of The Desert which features a number of musicians who have worked with the likes of Roger Waters, Eurhythmics, Bonnie Tyler and Cutting Crew to name but a small few. Details of this along with more information on The Skys can be found on their website and

Stone Ticket

Stone Ticket who are based in Malmo, Sweden.

After a hugely successful promotional campaign through in March 2012, Stone Ticket now return with the re-release of their tracks Drowned In Flame and Boo.
13 years on after splitting up Birmingham based band Rain Men to move to Sweden, lead singer Vinny Quinn formed Stone Ticket. With influences ranging from Howling Wolf to Motorhead and from Classic Rock to Punk the band have been gradually building a name for themselves in their home country.
With Vinny Quinn already receiving exposure on Swedish national TV and radio through side projects, and with rave reviews being written which has seen them quoted as being high energy sound that rolls at you like a speeding bullet train on a suicide mission from hell, the signs are showing you will be hearing a lot more about Stone Ticket in the very near future….
Details on how you can purchase their material along with soon to be announced gig dates can be found on their website and

Damn Vandals

Damn Vandals new single out on march 18 from album Done for Desire which is out now
Info go to

Desolation Yes !

Desolation Yes ! are a band based in Glasgow. Described as electro -Rock future pop . Album out of orbit out on march 4 .

Showbiz heroes

Showbiz heroes new single 21 is out on march 4 . I played the B-Side. Both taken from debut album "Tales from behind the curtain " which will be out sometime this year.
You can download half the album for free via

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