Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The one when JC met Max Alexander 27/1/15

Great to meet Max Alexander and hear his live session ! 

Playlist -

Damn Vandals -Mad as hell 
This music blows my mind 
Officer -The Waters 
Bob Dee with petro -Lips that heal 
Kolo -Castro 
Deadset Dream-Plastic Cups Korsairs -Every Cloud 
Twister -The over game 
Marsha Swanson -You think I'm so great I'm not 
James King -Breathe

Featured Artist -Harry Houseago 
Head like an acorn 
Always at my feet 

Death to indie -Falling at my feet    
Skarlett Riot -Rising 
Matinee -These days 
Grassroutes -Subliminal 
Ded Rabbit -Better on the day 
Ceaser -Blue lights 
Nightbiade -Crisis has no justice 
Rayne -Love , live , Learn
Stigma FT Labrinth -Higher  
Sonia Leigh-Dangerous 
Colin Clyne-Doin fine 

Info -

Marsha Swanson releases her brand new single You Think I’m So Great I’m Not.

The single was born from Marsha being an avid reader and fan of best-selling author Lionel Shriver. After reading her OrangePrize Winning novel “We Need to Talk about Kevin”, Marsha came across a novel which was available in America but had not yet been released in the U.K. about a fictitious band, “Checker and the Derailleurs”.

You Think I'm So Great I’m Not reveals a drummers idea of himself, when others idolise him. The style is in keeping with the novel, an edgy youthful sound with eclectic influences from rock and punk.


Marsha was struck by a comment in the afterword where Lionel mentioned "As for the song lyrics, I had a blast writing them, and if anyone is ever inspired to set them to music they’re welcome to give it a try”. Marsha saw this as an open invitation and immediately started composing music to the lyrics in the novel. Lionel’s work certainly connects with Marsha artistically and this collaboration is unusual, if not unique. The project has allowed Marsha to do something very different stylistically to her own work, but which still intrinsically connects to Marsha as a writer. Lionel shows herself, in this medium, as having a talent for song lyrics as well as prose and Marsha Swanson has been able to channel her usual lyrical duties into creating the melodic backdrop for these lyrics.



With her distinctive English folk-tinged voice and direct delivery, there is a deceptive simplicity to her songs. A fragility that disguises her assured musicianship. Drawing inspiration from classic songwriters but blended with Marsha’s identity, she delivers a unique brand of grown-up pop.  Marsha’s compositions range from intimate ballads (Still Wrong/Don’t Blame it on Love), through pop (My Life My Own/Hoovering the Sky) to atmospheric “soundscapes” (Madame M/Touching the Void/Brave Face).


Seldom is an artist difficult to ‘pigeon-hole’- but Marsha Swanson dares you to try with every sweeping musical side step that her vocals and music brings. Her new single is no different and should see reviewers raising their eyebrows with this pandora’s box of music surprises.


…delightful”  Lionel Shriver




‘This is a straight from the heart tale of a relationship faltering and it’s delivered beautifully’ Beat Surrender


‘A writer of intelligent, thought-provoking songs that have the added bonus of being ridiculously catchy.’  Rock n Reel Magazine


‘Impressive production and a mountain of critical acclaim certainly help to create a sense of intrigue around Swanson’  High Voltage


“With songs of this quality, the classy Swanson surely has all it takes to seduce the music-listening public who are looking for intelligent, well-produced and thoughtful music”  Green Man


For more information visit www.marshaswanson.co.uk


The single is called "Crisis has no Prejudice" and it's released on Feb 9th 

WATCH 'Breathe' HERE: http://youtu.be/TfRKQ7s37DI


Saving thousands of acres of the Amazon from its royalties, Breathe is fast becoming one of this generations most prolific singles and there is no artist most suited as the voice of this movement than young Yorkshire lad James King.


Dubbed the Eco-Ambassador, King has been travelling around the UK as part of the international award program Eco-Schools, founded to educate the youth about sustainable living. Since the launch of the tour in September the demand for James has only increased with over 100 institutions wanting him in their schools.


Moving to London in 2011, James was taken under the guidance and mentorship of Luc Floreani. The young artist has been going from strength to strength collaborating with likes of John Adeleye (MOBO Award winner,) international recording artist Louise Satara and acclaimed songwriters Tim Fraser and award-winning producers like John Landau.


Written by Luc FloreaniBreathe has already made its impact in Australia, with the song synced as the theme for popular Current Affairs show Today Tonight. King's moving adaptation of Breathe is a firm comment on our environment and the importance of sustainable living. The young singers emphasis on music as a source of knowledge and education is a theme he continues to focus on as he begins work on his new EP, due for release early next year.


James is set to support Alistair Griffin at is London show next month to wrap up what has been an epic year for the young singer.



https://twitter.com/JamesKing_Music           http://jameskingmusic.net/        https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-King

 Grassroutes from Leamington Spa.

The new single is ace and it's out on Feb 9th.  I hope you can have a listen here - it's called Subliminal

Edinburgh's Ded Rabbit please?  It's released on Feb 9th.

It's called Better on the Day:
They have live dates from Feb 7th - 15th and play Edinburgh, Glasgow, Blackburn and 2 dates in London.

The provocatively named 'Death to Indie' are a devastating 4-piece Punk based band from Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England.

With this band the accent is on originality, skilful live performance and the creation of high energy, fast paced, powerful Punk based music. Death to Indie are blazing a trail towards becoming one of the best new Punk bands in the UK.

Known as DTI to their fast growing legion of fans, they have 3 E.P’s, alongside music videos, live recordings and debut full length album #you’re it.

The band was formed in 2011 and in a short space of time has established a formidable reputation on the local live scene in their hometown not only from fans but amongst promoters and bands alike. 

Although they have a definitive and hard-hitting sound of their own, their style has been influenced by several bands, including The Ramones, The Clash, Blink 182 and many other Punk based bands.

In 2014 Death To Indie have supported The Dead Kennedys, UK Subs and China Drum.




https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/youreit/id938905689 ​


Twister entered the Surface Unsigned Festival in which they came 2nd out of 12,000 bands at the London final. They are a high energy, young and exciting four piece, pop/rock band from the North East of the UK, fronted by charismatic Stevie Stoker, who certainly knows how to work a crowd. Twister have a natural ability to connect with the audience and are renowned for giving an amazing show every time they perform.

With a set list of rock/pop anthems and a dedicated following, Twister are going for it and are ready for the ride of their life

New album This Isn’t Wonderland now available on Itunes & Amazon and they are playing at this year’s  Lechlade Festival

Links:     Facebook.com/TwisterUK

                  Twitter: @wearetwister

Skarlett Riot - It's called Rising. They're from Scunthorpe and are heading into the new year with a bang!

The single is out ( Jan 19th) and the full "We Are the Brave" e.p. follows on Feb 16th.
Here's the video link: http://youtu.be/yxBxe0KSgqA



Dc Logan AKA Officer, a working class council estate-hopper.


Born into the rough of Glasgow council estate life before moving to Northern Ireland during the height of the troubles. His teen years steeped in lively pub folk and old gospel hymns all over the land as well as discovering beloved alternative inspirations with The Clash and Radiohead. His crestive mind was released through short stories, poetry and illustration.

The Good Friday Agreement proved a seminal point in his life, wandering the streets that night in Belfast he went home and restrung his father’s old beat up church guitar and started to learn some chords. Gripped by the power music had to just make your blood pump a little faster. Officer was born.As soon as he was unfettered from those old class room commitments he headed for London, forming the punk rock band, Colourcode, touring and releasing 2 ep's and one LP over five years. Dedicating himself to helping the homeless and poor in London, setting up and running community projects for those most marginalised in the city he now lives and works in. His hope is 'to see rejected people rescued from feeling worthless and useless' and he’s witnessed music (his own included) help tremendously.

All of this has moulded the man and the artist into a vessel of deep waters with many a story to tell. His quirked writing and performing is a heady mix of intimate heart-breaking tales and pointed fast indie pop. His voice is completely disarming, utterly dynamic in its gentle power. In the midst of this he retains a sweet sense of humour and a hope in his demeanour and approach to his music and performances. 
His debut solo release under Officer is eagerly anticipated by a loyal cult following. This year his fans, completely unbeknown to him set up a support network and had a whip round to raise the cash for him to 'get recording these tunes for our headphones'. This powerfully illustrates their desire and dedication for the songs Logan is writing and performing right now. His work seems to inspire this kind of response in folks. 


He is Officer. A bit cool, a bit loveable and really not one to be ignored.


‘Without hesitation this is the best new album we’ve heard in a long time, Officer is a prolific and effortless songwriter who creates rich musical landscapes.’

Right Chord Music, Ones To Watch In 2015


‘A driving, fast-paced indie soundscape single, dressed in fun synths and warm guitars, with searching and well-crafted poetic lyrics and catchy melodies’

Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio


www.officer.uk.com /www.facebook.com/iamofficer

www.twitter.com/iam_officer / www.soundcloud.com/iamofficer / www.officer.bandcamp.com




Kolo are a pop rock three-piece based in South London. The bands first single since signing to LHM Records will be 'Castro', released this month.


In 2011, Jon Burnell, their Devon front man, arrived in London alone with an acoustic guitar and a handful of new songs, intent on getting a brand new line up for Kolo. Like so many aspiring musicians, Jon turned to Gumtree and quickly finds two enthusiastic recruits to join his pursuit for that elusive record deal. Kolo now consisted of Spanish born Dani Mourinho on bass, Steve Fuller from Croydon on drums and front man Jon Burnell.


The band previously toured America with 3 Doors Down, so when it came to recording an album earlier in 2014, Jon knew exactly whom he wanted to record with. Kolo flew out to Nashville TN in March this year to record their debut album 'Do you want to rule the world?' with Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down guitarist). The album is due for release in early 2015.


Establishing a huge rock sound, influenced by the storytelling of great British bands such as The Smiths and Stereophonics, the band have spent the last year refining their techniques in their new south London home.


The band signed with LHM Records in summer 2014. 'Castro', the first track from their forthcoming album, 'Who Wants to Rule the World?' Comes out on January 19th 2015.











New York City based Bob Dee with Petro are on a mission to spread their Melodic Driven Rock to the UK.


The band consists of Bob Dee (singer/guitarist), Alison Jones (bass) and Scott Campbell (drums).

Bob Dee with Petro with a sound reminiscent of Cheap Trick, their debut CD

"Bullets and Bandaids" was released on America's biggest hard rock label PERRIS records. The hit single “Summertime” won the Unisong International song contest rock category. Petro also featured in Bands on the Rise in "RELIX" magazine with single We Are Stars.


Bob Dee guitarist and founder formerly of RCA recording artist Beg Borrow & Steel,was signed by Joe Galante. Bob also signed a publishing deal with Famous/Paramount Music, co-writing "A Simple Heart" with Desmond Child (BonJovi, Aerosmith) along with 2 music videos with Nigel Dick(Oasis)


Bob Dee scouted by Japan's Metal Guru Masa Itoh of BURRN magazine, "Dee is the next big thing" was how Masa Itoh described Bob Dee. The Band recorded with legendary producer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple) at Metalworks studios in TorontoCanada and Eric Greedy (Kelly Clarkson) mixed the new single “Lips That Heal”  featured on Dr John’s RockNation radio show, “Up All Nigh”t featured on DJ Yorkie radio show UK.


Bob Dee has graced the pages of Japans’#1Rock magazine “Burrn” Rockhard itlay, Rocknation,USA, Fireworks, UK, UberRock,UK, MelodicRock,UK, Relix,USA, Performing in Japan, Book Japan & Hardrockhaven, Czech Republic.


Bob DEE with Petro’s extensive touring schedule includes, a successful UK tour, playing a rocking set at SXSW Music Festival in AustinTexas, The Namm Jam in LA, CA and the Kansai Music Festival in OsakaJapan, released a film doc of the Japan tour.






Max Alexander session .



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