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The One when JC met Boy Wonder 12/3/16

The one they call Boy Wonder came in for chat  @rivierafm #jccooperlive show . An example of an innovative artist doing his thing regardless 
Twitter -@SidekickSounds 

Miller -Am I just 
Joanna Cooke -All for you 
Louis j walker -The world 
One man Boycott -Sick of it all 
LGM One -Against us 
Black Tree Suns -Out of my control 
TQ12 -Freedom 
Sun Arcana -Nocturnal 
Grandmother Com -Daphne 
Rosie O Sullivan -Do your thang
The young Folk -Home 
Small pond big fish -Strange thoughts follow shadows 
Kirsten Adamson -New York girl 
Statues -Dogswamp 
De'Nova -Brighter Days 
Moon River -Radio Noises 
Seasons -Sailed ships
Ask for joy -Sugar Coma 
Dave Napier -Set my heart 
Info the Autumn -Not alone 
Stefan Price -Feel my love 
The Rogue Network -Mik and honey 

Boy Wonder -Ontario 
Together alone sound of the sirens remix 

Big sound of the week -
Tariq B -When the lights go low 

Free download-


Musician, songwriter and voiceover artist Dave has over 10 years’ experience as a performer and musician,

Orignially from Swansea, South Wales Dave Napier is a Singer/Songwriter with great promise. 

Dave has a great knowledge and understanding of performance arts, with many successes with his music, including having radio play and exposure in various regonised competitions, up and down the country.

He is soon getting recognition internationally with some of his music and recent tours throughout the UK and Europe picking up a great fan base along the way!

2016 is going to be a promising year for him with some hooky, Indie and synth based pop rock tracks coming out and an album to be released later on in the year Independently - watch this space!




Bedfordshire rockers SEASONS are a hard hitting, new band for 2016. As they prepare to release their self titled EP on the 18th of March, the band have dropped their first single 'Sailed Ships'.

SEASONS comment:
""We are all so excited to release our first track as a band. We've all worked so hard to get a great sound for the song and a excellent look for the video. We hope everyone is as excited as we are. We feel it's a really strong track to launch the band. Sailed Ships will speak to a fair few people out there. It certainly does to some of us in SEASONS. Enjoy everyone!""

SEASONS debut EP was recorded at Valhalla Studios with producer Dan J Lambert (Valhalla Music group). Few bands cover as much emotional ground, and in their debut EP SEASONS evoke anthemic highs as well as compelling heartbreaking agony.

Hailing a new era of spaced out grunge guitar rock, Moon Rover are continuing the legacy of bands like Smashing Pumpkins or My Bloody Valentine with their first single release.


Having already been picked up by radio stations like BBC Newcastle and BBC Tees numerous times, the four students Scott, Dan, Cameron and Stephen have spent their uni days skipping lectures and making a buzzing record with components from grunge to shoegaze and psychedelia instead.


Reminding of a young Kurt Cobain, singer Scott Hepple is screaming his heart and soul into the dynamic debut single ‘Radio Noises’ which taken from the upcoming self titled album.


Listen here:



After spending his summer in isolation, watching the X Files, Scott has made use of his spare time writing an entire album. Being authentically rock’n’roll in their work ethic the idea of forming a band came about after partying on a night out. What seemed to be merely ‘drunk talk’ would quickly turn into the exciting new collective that now calls itself Moon Rover.


The band’s musical influences are varied and the lads manage to impeccably combine their affection for space romanticism and blazing guitar riffs into a solid package of refreshingly melodic rock music. Moon Rover is a collective of four individuals that couldn’t be more different from each other. With interests ranging from chemistry to filming, gaming and art galleries it comes as no surprise that the band’s sound is underlined by an ultimately open-minded and liberal musical approach.


‘Radio Noises’ is part and parcel of a collection of songs that were written as an ode to the out of space.  Focussing on the imagery of two astronauts who are floating away from a space station to be saved by aliens, songwriter Scott explains: “‘Radio Noises’ is about losing contact, it’s about the astronauts losing contact with NASA and ultimately earth as they float into space but the track can also be linked to losing contact in general, whether it be with friends, family or you’re just going a bit crazy.”


It will be interesting to see what kind of extraterrestrial endeavours are ahead of Moon Rover!


The single ‘Radio Noises’ is out on 25th March 2016



Texas Ask For Joy Presents First Single 'Pinprick Eyes' from New Private Window LP

FOR FANS OF: Cheatahs, Catherine Wheel, Title Fight, Chapterhouse, Jesus & Mary Chain, Presents For Sally
LEAD TRACKS: Lovers Interred, Pinprick Eyes, Slow Kiss, When Your Heart Stops Beating, Sugar Coma 

Euphoric (Not on LP)
To-night (Not on LP)
Summercrush (Not on LP)

"Just the right dose of reverberation for a track that seems perfectly hybrid between indie pop and shoegaze"  The Record Stache

"A windswept sonic island within a sea of reverberating melodic joy. A merry dance through golden peaks & troughs, stuffed full of shimmering layered reverb drenched guitars!"  Primal Music Blog 

"Gives rise to a sweet euphoria. This single shows Ask For Joy to be a clever, calculated ambassador of gaze"  The Sound of Confusion
"Fullbodied reverb over popperfect drum machines and gorgeous harmonies daydream induced escapism  When The Sun Hits
Dream pop of the highest category Ask for Joy shows that the dream world is eternal"  The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Ask For Joy has released the first single Pinprick Eyes from the forthcoming LP New Private Window. This highly anticipated 7-track album maintains a tradition this artist has become well known for, with walls of shimmering reverb-drenched guitars, endearing vocals and expansive harmonic melodies.
Founded in 2005, Ask For Joy is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Rossetto. Based in Austin, Texas, artists like himself and Ringo Deathstarr are putting this city on the shoegaze map.
Combining the fuzzy warm shoegaze of Slowdive with the raw sonic power of bands like Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, Ask For Joy manages to create a divine cacophony of what can literally be called beautiful noise. This new album shines a light into a slightly darker corners of the mind through the themes it explores.
Its fair to say that the material on New Private Window tends to the seedier side: the lighter and darker sides of substance abuse; a couples murder-suicide; sexually suggestive expressions of love and desire. These are the types of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that one might want to keep hidden from friends or loved ones, tucked safely deep within the darkest reaches of the individual, explains Aaron Rossetto.
New Private Window explores these stories often kept secret. The title refers to the option in modern Web browsers that starts an untracked session, leaving no search or site traces behind for others to discover. Building up layers of guitar tracks, synthesizers, and thick choir-like background vocals gives the songs on the EP a sense of impenetrability and shelter from prying eyes (or ears) in much the same way as, say, opening a private browser window would do. 
Inspired by the Phil Spector wall of sound style production fuzzy, pitch-bent, all-enveloping guitar-driven sound, as seen in Jesus and Mary Chain recordings, and equally by the poppy, harmony-laced sensibilities of the Beach Boys, this music fuses the rawness of the DIY esthetic with atmospheric waves of sound. The output is a lush textured and dreamy style of pop music.
New Private Window is preceded by eight other EPs, seven of which were released on Rossettos own Infinitely Recursive Records imprint, along with several singles. Ask for joy is also featured on numerous shoegaze compilation albums, including several in Japan.
The lead single Pinprick Eyes is being offered as a free download via the artists Bandcamp at, whetting the appetite for the forthcoming album. You can catch the full LP here too in early March as well as standard platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

DE`NOVA Single: Brighter
Days Release Date: Feb 26th, 2016 – Taken from the EP Young
Hearts Due for Release on 4th March
Video link for DE`Nova Media Links / /'NOVA
are an
indie tinged pop-rock band from Manchester, UK. Over the
years they have developed a passion for writing honest songs
which tell stories of their northern culture.With
all members having foundations set around Manchester the
band stay firm to their roots.Despite
this De’Nova have an intriguing story inspired by their
ancestry. Coming from various multicultural backgrounds
which incorporate the spirit of the Philippines, passion of
Italy and quirks of Ireland; the band have an unquestionable
drive and focus when it comes to nurturing their music.The
result are a blend of intricacies which cannot be
replicated. The chemistry of different thinkers in this
outfit delivers a unique song-writing force who are an
unstoppable creative unit.  “Castles”
the bands debut single, released alongside a music video
shot at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse.The
release of Castles saw the band gain fans from all parts of
the globe. After being played through various university and
local stations a small army of fans are accumulating on a
weekly basis. De’Nova did a run of shows in
venues to
promote the release where merchandise stock ran low after
just 3 shows in Manchester, Birmingham &
establishing the band in the Philippines
other parts of Asia, the band’s social media has propelled
into being the clique for fans of alt rock.The
band performed a series of successful shows in major cities
across UK, Ireland and Canada. After a highly successful run
of shows over in Ireland on Indie Week festival they were
invited over to play at Indie Week Canada in Toronto where
they played five showsover
four nights. Gibson
Guitars endorsed
equipment for their visit. Later in the year, Kevin jetted
off to the Philippines and performed De’Nova material at a
series of shows. He was invited to open up for various
established Asian pop rock actsplaying
to large enthusiastic audiences.Debut
EP Young Hearts is
due for release on March 4th and is already
attracting a lot of notable attention on music

STATUES single 'DOGSWAMP' and was wondering whether you can please check it out for plays on your show?
This is the first track released from the band since their debut album 'Together We're Alone' that was released last year. This new track displays the talents of their new vocalist and drummer who have recently joined the ranks. 

Imagine Kate Bush and Debbie Harry - in their pomp - are stuck in an elevator on the 13th Floor. The engineers sent to rescue them turn out to be Crowded House’s Tim Finn and Massive Attack’s 3D. Rather than save the legendary singers, they all decide to write and record an album. While comparison with other artists is a crude shorthand for this strikingly original and assured debut, the result may well have sounded a lot like Kirsten Adamson’s self-titled opener" 
Hugo Fluendy (quote from press release)
Kirsten Adamson comes from an historical musical background in Scotland. Growing up, her two main influences were Kate Bush and her father – Stuart Adamson’s band, Big Country. In 1998 her father relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where she would spend her summers and it was here where she first picked up a guitar. Classically trained in voice from age 7, Kirsten has grown to become a wonderfully diverse singer songwriter and her self titled debut album encompasses her eccentricities with class and originality.
After picking up a guitar at age 16, self taught, Kirsten has been writing and recording music ever since. She put her first band, The Gillyflowers together in 2008. The band recorded and self released two EP’s along with racking up a handful of 4 and 5 star live reviews until their split in 2012. Between 2010 and 2011 Kirsten sang and played synthesiser with Scottish Indie group Aberfeldy. She featured on the album ‘Somewhere To Jump From’ and was included in their tour line up for this album. Kirsten often provides session vocals for Scottish hit song maker Bob Heatlie Snr who in return played synthesiser on this single.
Kirsten’s biggest achievement to date is the self release of her debut album. Her passion, hard work and dedication to producing the record is written all over it. From the quality of the recordings through to the art work and media surrounding it. No compromises have been made, despite the limited funds she had to make it happen.
Kirsten has music running through her blood and is a true artist who must be heard!

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