Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Music engine playlist 25/9/12 & info .

Broken Romeo -Believe
Rob Marr -Summer in the city
Ashleigh K -Truth
James j. Turner -long Time
Victoria Celestine -In the world
Paul Drowning -That's how it starts
Aster Paulen -Eleven
Kimberly Anne - Bury it there
Dam vandels -As seen on TV
The red bullets -walking Solo
Miniature Dinosaurs-lemonade

Music engine info -

Aster Paulen who are originally from Mexico but now reside in London, England

Artist name: D.C.
Label: TBMG (Top Brass Music Group)
anyone who likes it they can own the edited or unedited song via iTunes or Spotify, etc.

That's how it starts -
Paul Downing who is based in England.
information on this and previous material of Paul Downing on his website www.pauldowningmusic.co.uk

Ashleigh K who is based in London, England.
Further information on Ashleigh K can be found on her website www.facebook.com/ashleighkmusic

Victoria Celestine who is based in San Antonio, USA.
new video for In The World can be found on her websites www.victoriacelestine.com and www.facebook.com/victoriacelestinemusic

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