Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14/5/13 music engine show

Playlist -

Tenek-New Foundation
Diesel 13 -Roar 
JAE -6 in the morning 
Jude pearl -This time
Unsung Lilly -Just Be 
Emma Sidney-This just gets better
World 5 -Man if action 
Ian bel -Devil in disguise
The pretty fragile -We are obscene 
Odds lane -Out of my window
Honey boy and boots -Tip jar
Hoda -Raging waves
Dave Gerard and the watchmen -travel alone 
Billy Redfield -California Sun   
Isaac Indiana-Take it and Run
Tiger Lilly -Throw me a line  
The ruckus -Must be the music 
The hundred days -Hey 
OSA -Don't wanna make a sound 
The new Futures -Sunshine radio
The nameless girl - bright light ( album vision )
The Microdance -yo to @26
Ricky James -Dream 

Info -

Ian Bel who is based in Norway.
Heavily influenced by a Classical Pianist mother and Folk musician father, and by the sounds of a distant relative; legendary Norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull echoing down the family bloodline, Ian Bel has made huge inroads on the music scene since forming a number of bands during the 90’s.  
After recording his first solo album titled Limelight in 2005, Ian Bel has gone on to perform at a number of top festivals, tour the UK and also included in a compilation release in Italy featuring a number top Indie hits.  
Described as having an atmospheric sound with shades of darkness and glimpses of light, you can find out more information on Ian Bel including how you can purchase his material along with soon to be announced gig dates on his websites www.ianbel.com  and www.facebook.com/ianbelmusic

World5 who are based worldwide!
Previously promoted by Deuce in October 2012, World5 now return with their new single Man Of Action.
With the band members now living in three different continents spanning 19 time zones from the US to Australia, World5 is all about music and a long lasting friendship from around the world, quite literally……
Distance proved to be no barrier to their creativity and shared sense of musical purpose whilst recording their album aptly titled Global Experience though, thanks to the power of home digital recordings.  Each band member recorded their part in the comfort of their own home, with their final tracks then shipped to 16 time nominated and 4 time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller who has worked with the likes of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Marc Anthony to name but a few.  
Since the release of their album, it has become one of the best sellers on CD Baby, with their official music video currently receiving over 30,000 views on Youtube, and over 1300 radio stations worldwide playing their material.  Described as playing a sophisticated brand of Adult Orientated Pop Rock, you can find out more information on World5 including details on how you can purchase their album by visiting their websites www.world5music.com and www.facebook.com/world5band  

Billy Redfield who is based in New York, USA.
After being brought a guitar at the age of 14 by his father, Billy Redfield has since gone on to record 2 successful albums independently and continue to write quality songs about love, hope and the pursuit for happiness.
Billy Redfield’s talents are now being applauded by local media including the Baltimore Sun and nationwide in the popular American Songwriter Magazine, not to mention his song Die For You receiving an honourable mention in the International Songwriting Competition.
The attention he has been receiving has not gone unnoticed, and most recently Billy Redfield was signed by Creative & Dreams who are now building upon expanding his fan base and taking his musical career to the next level.
Further information on Billy Redfield including details on how you can purchase his material can be found on his website www.creativeanddreams.com/billy-redfield and his Facebook page HERE

Odds Lane who are based in St Louis, USA.
Taking their name from a Stephen King book, Odds Lane have been making huge inroads on the US music scene over the past 12 months.
Having performed at this year’s SXSW Festival, the band have since gone to be featured in season 2 of The Chevy Music Showcase and are now in the process of shooting a new video for their song Out My Window, with a number of other high profile plans in the pipeline too….
Described as having a uniquely blended mix of driving rock and roll riffs and solid grooves with an overall pop sensibility, you can find out more information on Odds Lane including details on how you can purchase their material and forthcoming gig dates at www.oddslanemusic.com and www.facebook.com/oddslane 

Unsung Lilly 
JustBe is now available online! Would you share the link? :) https://t.co/M4RGJmN55E


He’s a North London boy with his feet firmly placed in Nashville.
He sounds like a cross between Johnny Cash and John Paul White from The Civil Wars.
He....is Diesel13.
Diesel is a nick name that stuck and 13 is his lucky number in case you were wondering...!
Diesel picked up the guitar at the age of 16 and as soon as he started learning how to play, his songwriting and singing followed too. He’s not stopped writing songs and now is ready to release his music for the first time.
He’s always liked a wide variety of artists like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and other music from Ryan Adams and The Civil Wars.
Two of his songs have just been licensed for the next series of True Blood. This is a great achievement for Diesel13 and one of his proudest moments so far in his career.
As with a lot of musicians at grass-roots level, Diesel grafts hard in his day job as a builder in order to pay for his recordings. It’s his grubby, rough hands featured on the single artwork for “Roar.”
He tells us, he spends a lot of time in the bath though;-)
“Roar” is a track about breaking free from your fears and not being stifled. It’s all about being yourself and being free to “roar!” and to not be imprisoned by fear.
His sound is current, his sound is raw and we guarantee you’ll be tapping your foot or clapping your hands by the end of the song.
“Roar” is the debut single from Diesel13 available to download everywhere on May 13th. It’s taken from his forthcoming album “Hobo Risin’.” The album, of course will feature 13 tracks and be released in 2013.


Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jordan Adelberger, also known as “Jae” has been a gifted performer practically since she was born. Her
soulful, sultry voice and beautifully unique look reminds one of a much older experienced Performer!
Jordan’s passion for dance first blossomed at the age of two when her parents enrolled her in dance classes. It was apparent from the audience reaction that she stood out in school recitals and competitions. By the age of 9, she began vocal training and soon gained popularity in her hometown performing in local talent competitions. In support of their daughter’s budding entertainment career, Jordan’s parents took her out to New York when she was 13 so she could further her training and perform in showcases within the city. Once again the audience accolades proved that Jae has what it takes to entertain an audience.
By 16, Jae co-wrote and co-produced her first demo along with producer, Terence Dover, who has worked with artists such as; Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne. Two years later, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and attend college.
Jae graduated this summer from Loyola Marymount University where she received her BA degree in Dance. Since moving to L.A., her career is growing rapidly. Jae has shown off her developed talents consistently Dancing at events like the prestigious “Emmy’s as well as many other local venues as an Artist.
Now advancing to the next level in her career, Jae recently has been working with Bindelari Music, headed by an experienced all star production team including Binky Womack, who has worked with Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Baby Bash, Usher, Chaka Khan just to name a few also nephew of R & B legend Bobby Womack, and Womack & Womack . Bindelari Music has partnered with Transmedia360, a multi-media production company, run by multimedia creator, Nina Womack who handles Jae’s marketing, and multimedia outreach.
Stay tuned for this hot star on the rise!   

Emma Sidney who is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Currently working on two projects, one being a lush New York band combining Rap, acoustic sounds and Jazz influences, and the other an Australian based recording project for a New York dance label, Emma Sidney is now beginning to receive widespread acclaim for her voice and music.
Described as being brave, innovative and intriguing to listen to, Emma Sidney’s latest track This Just Gets Better first begun via a voice recording as a love note over the iphone.  A year later the second verse was written and shortly afterwards a band was put together to record the track, which will see her return back to the same studio this year to record more new songs.
Further information on Emma Sidney including details on how you can purchase her material can be found on her websites www.emmasidney.com and www.facebook.com/emmasidneymusic

Honey boy and Boots 
Honeyboy & Boots, are a husband/wife duo from Strk Ms. Drew's lead vocals and guitar mixed Courtney's cello & harmony are eclectic soulful blues and folk.

Twitter -@Ckinz22 

Isaac Indiana -Take it and Run

Based in Devon . Formed in 2011
Album out on may 27 .
Twitter -@isaacindiana
And Facebook 

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