Saturday, 4 May 2013

Riviera showcase show 4/5/13

On the Saturday Showcase we have the curiously named Sam Williams & the Flock Of Bats playing live . The Low Tide Theory give us a call.
Also hear a pre-recorded interview and session from Emily Park at Sky Phonic studios .

Jc big sound -the Pretty Fragile -Feelbox

Playlist -

The Rockerles -True Colour (6)
Matthew and me -Alright
The Aurora Skies - Adventure
Hurache - I wanna hear your sound
The Cut ups - Exeter
Land of the giants -The drop
Ticks and stones -Big red light
Crooked little Sons -Little girl
Simon ward -Box rock
Russell Sinclar -Who's got the time
The raptors -Off the rails
The Sherpas - Telwscope
Daniel Scharmoth -Cold wind blowing
Muncie Girls -Revolution Summer
Jake Friese Green -The Winter
Joe taylor - Chips
Beat Magnets - Pandora ( live )
Low tide theory -To begin again
Foot Joy -Festival song (live)
Milo green -What's the matter
Blitz kids -In my own

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