Saturday, 11 May 2013

Riviera showcase 11/5/13

Jackson Cooper playlist 11/5/13

Three cheers and thanks  to Fiona Riches , Russell Sinclair & Young singer Becky Grinham
For coming on the show , playing sessions and being bloody lovely peeps!

Jc Big sound -Featherstone Foreign Heart

Featured Artist -The dark plains

Get some
I see you
Look around 

Playlist -

Jon Rowe -What you do to me 
David Mcevory -Token Love song
Daniel Adam -Deliverence ( funk remix )
Simon Ward -Give me everything 
Celine Dos Santos -Out of the blue
Lee fletcher -Inner voice ( world engine mix )
Backhand saloon -Hollow heart
Jazmyn Mary -Be mine tonight
Sain Hoskins -Find your way to beautiful 
The nameless girl - bright light ( remix) 
Tourists - Gemini 
Emily Howard -Age 
These reigning days -too late 
One Vista -White Horses
The Microdance -Yo YO @26
The Pretty Fragile -Feelbox
The New Futures -Sunshine Radio
OSA -Don't wanna make a sound 
Hoda -Running 

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