Saturday, 26 April 2014

Showcase 26/4/14

 Yazzy blew me away Live in the studio . Plus loved playing out a recorded interview with Joe from Blitz Kids before their Carven Club gig last Thursday.

Jc's Big Sound of the week -Mudskippers -Replacing The Stone 

Featured Artist -
Sculpture Music -Only Human & Stars 

Featured Album /EP 
Jess Mcallister -Painted Faces EP 
Talk a walk 
Shadows in the night 


Blitz Kids -Run for Cover 
Yazzy -Your Love 
Fire of Love 
3 kisses 
Fallen State -Edge of Reason 
Raining Globe -Superman 
Isaac Indiana-Let Go 
The New Lights -Sellouts 
Legend Ten Seconds -The Court of king Richard 
Musical Geeks -Chill with Me 
Abee Hague -Woah 
The flying Orchestra -Maximum City 
Circle of Reason -Sea Of Voices 
Chris Good -I thought my heart would never Know 
Evenu -Side Effect 
All These Years -Vendetta 
Crypticz -Shomeda 
Pretend Happy -Innocence 
Paper Anchor -Cowards 
Willie and the bandits -gypsies woman 
Vixie Verne and Victoria sponge -Suffocate
Superfuzz-Hey baby  
Crooked Daniel -The King 

Info -

Mudskippers -

Circle of Reason -Sea Of Voices 
their video single

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