Saturday, 12 April 2014

Young Talent showcase 12/4/14

All about the young local talent this week 
Two very different talents goal . To be the best they can be ! 

Guests -Holly Morwenna & Sean  Heath 

Jc's big sound of the week -Abee 

Featured Artist -Paper Anchor 
Loveless EP 
Folly Hill 

Featured Album -Extractor 
Bad Day Memory 
Almost Famous 

Holly Morwenna

Twitter -@HollyMorwenna 

Sean Heath

Playlist -

Tourists -Background 
Evenu -Spy Planes
Rosie Eade -Venice
Jazz Reed -Up 2 You 
There goes Lizzie -Fun 
Xander Rawlins -We See You 
Peter James Millson -Broken hearts 
Big Wave -Living Room 
Musical Geeks -Trust FT Mark Chappell
The Rising-Hold on 
Crypticz -Nose Pik 
Legend Ten Seconds -The Court of king 3rd 
Dan Stokes -Bulletproof 
Pretend Happy -I Remember 
Alice Gullick -Riptide 
Martin Weller -Gobshite 
Andy B -Days pass me by 
Token Joker -Ride the train 
Casitas -Augusta 
Clara Bond -Promised land 
Crooked Daniel -The King 
Land Of the Giants -See me as god 
Scott Xander Linn & The Broken Bottles -Six feet under the bar 
Tiny Fiolds -Mystery / Chemistry 
A Man Called crow -Heavens Here 



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