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Music engine sing along show 15/7/14

Big thanks to josh & Isaac from The band Harbour . Very fun chat. Nice guys ! 

Till sat 

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Playlist -

Abstrakt X -Droppin It 
Lost in Paradise -Back to the start 
Cammy Black -Wild Eyes 
Sain Hoskin -Find your way to beautiful 
Dynamite -Ya no good 
Reminiss -Weirdos 
Frankie Knuckles remix -Holly Johnson -Follow your heart 
Jupiter In Velvet -She's so sugar 
Nishe -You got me blind 
Laine -Bruises 
Guilner -Galaxy Of terror 
Elizabeth Cornish -Harder 
These and the other guy  -Put that down 
The ting Tings - Wrong club ( exclusive play ) 
Warren Attwell -Time 
Derry -Couldn't be the one ?
Black star Burning -As time goes by 
Slydigs -Soul ain't safe round here 
Kingsland Rd -Dirty dancer ( exclusive play )
Emporium -Funeral 
Little Donkey -Real woman 
Steve Bonham -They came home  
Altrego-Miraculous Epiphanies 


Blackstar Burning who are based in Indiana, USA.
Best known as lead vocalist and co guitarist of Deuce Act, Machine Guns & Motorcycles, Wayne Griffith now returns with his new solo project Blackstar Burning.
Described as having searing guitars, heavy rhythm section and meaningful lyrics and predicted to become a modern rock radio classic, you can find out more information on Blackstar Burning including details on how you can purchase their material by following them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Blackstar.Burning

Lainé -a singer songwriter from Manchester released her first EP back in April and the launch was featured in the Oldham advertiser, the Oldham chronicle and the manchester evening news paper and website. 

Cammy Black - Wild Eyes.
Cammy Black introduces his mix of casual and epic to the world to help promote his summer shows and festival appearances.
Armed with a band borne from studio sessions and coincidence, they have emerged to take the live scene by storm while quickly gathering national interest via social media and word of mouth.
Cammy’s latest release, Wild Eyes captures the energy that has been witnessed at the bands biggest show’s to date at the ABC in Glasgow following on from the hugely successful headline show at King Tut’s
Cammy Black's plan is to push his working class rock 'n' roll across Scotland and beyond with a band matching his desire to build a long lasting relationship with a loyal and ever growing fan base.
“Cammy’s a raw-k ‘n’ roll animal” - Chris Sweeney - The Sun
“Really big sound, great performance - Had King Tut’s going wild!”
- Craig Johnston - DF Concerts
“Scotland’s Springsteen” - Jim Gellatly - XFM & Amazing Radio
'Hard working Cammy's about ready to take it to the next level. Knowing him, he'll still be working on a chorus, pen in his hand, strumming on his bashed-up acoustic guitar when he gets there'. - Chay Woodman - Journalist/Promoter/Solus Tent booker @ The Wickerman Festival
"Genuine rock and roll" - Melissa Gunn Alive Radio
Live Dates:
July 30th - Glasgow's Hard Rock Cafe
Zanzibar, Liverpool - 2nd August 
Park Fest, Stranraer - 23rd August 
Electric Fields, Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries - 30th August
October 3rd - The Venue, Dumfries
For further information or interviews contact emma@plugginbaby.com

Slydigs - Soul Ain't Safe Round Here - from the "Down With The Mockery" e.p. - out August 18th 2014.
2014 sees the band release their EP ‘Down With The Mockery’ Produced by George Shilling (Primal Scream, Ocean Colour Scene, Slade) - Stiff Upper Lip was the first single to be released from it.
The EP will be followed by a full UK tour, European tour and also a number of Festival dates.
2013 saw the rise of Slydigs, the Rock & Roll four piece originating from Warrington, in the North West of England.
The release of their debut album ‘Never To Be Tamed’ was met with rave reviews from the press and public alike with Vive Le Rock Magazine giving the album a hearty 9/10, The Big Cheese 4/5 and the NME placing ‘Electric Love’ as one of the ‘5 tracks you must listen to this week’.
Singles like ‘Bang, Bang & My Bullet Was Gone’ have had airplay on a number of Radio Stations around the country, most noticeably Dave Monks’ (BBC Merseyside) BBC Introducing sessions.
Dave invited the band along to play a number of songs in the Live Lounge, again met with a raucous response from the public.
On the live circuit the band’s most noticeable gig of the year was headlining the prestigious Warrington Music Festival, where they met current manager Tommy Kennedy.
Having had a ‘doffing’ of the cap from the likes of Mick Jones of The Clash and Mr. Paul Weller himself, Slydigs are looking to immerse themselves in the history books in 2014.
The head of their label, Flicknife Records’ Frenchy Gloder, declared that they are “the most exciting band we have signed in 20 years”, and with that in mind the future is set to be engulfed by this monstrous band, equipped with the charisma of the Stones and the music that has so long been missed in an ever changing industry.
The band formed in 2008 with lead singer Dean Fairhurst and lead guitarist Louis Menguy through their mutual obsession of the likes of Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and pretty much any blues or R&B records that they could get their hands on.
They were shortly joined by high school friends Peter Fleming on the drums and bass player Ben Breslin.
Together the band honed their skills touring the UK & Ireland and have even collaborated with Tricky (formerly of Massive Attack) on a yet to be released track.
Their music has been featured on the likes of Channel Four program, Fresh Meat, Sony Production’s talent show in Brazil, NME TV and also the music channel Lava.
Football team Manchester United play their songs at Old Trafford on match days throughout the season and radio station ‘talkSPORT’ play ‘Electric Love’ regularly as the intro to one of their features.
The band are renowned for their ability to encapsulate Rock & Roll in its many forms. Their connection with an audience is something that can only been witnessed through the eyes of a crowd member.
The live scene has allowed them to express their overwhelming desire to entertain and excite audiences all over the globe. To coincide with the release of this year’s EP, Down With The Mockery, Wasp Video are currently filming a short Documentary on the band that tells the tale of their journey so far and the creation of the said EP.
The documentary is also being narrated by author Howard Marks.
Live dates:
They play a gig for "This Feeling" in association with XFM. The next one is at the Queen of Horton in London on the 14th July.
Social Media links:
Website - www.slydigs.co.uk/
Soundcloud - @slydigs
Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/Slydigsband
Twitter - twitter.com/slydigsband

They Came Home"

A remarkable story, a remarkable song


"They Came Home" is the new single from Steve Bonham, which tells a remarkable story from the First World War, based upon the experiences of his own family.


At its heart is the tale of four brothers, who all served between 1914 and 1918, and, somehow, all managed to survive. Released as a single from his forthcoming album Songsmith, it is a powerful, moving, country-tinged ballad of survival.


Says Steve: "I feel strongly, as we remember the millions who died in the First World War, that we should also remember the millions who survived to live broken and haunted lives. Those who were horribly injured and those who bore no physical scars but were traumatised, reliving the horror every day, unable to talk about what they had experienced."


The song came together one evening with his ninety-year old uncle and brother searching out old photographs of the family. They found one taken in 1914 of Steves grandfather, his three brothers and four sisters. All the boys were in uniform. Steve's uncle said the family called the photo "They Came Home".


All four brothers survived as mechanics and engineers, people who were good with their hands, never carrying a gun but witnessing the most terrible things. Grandfather Harry drove around the frontline with an anvil and a few simple tools fixing guns, tanks and other vehicles whilst also serving as a stretcher bearer. His brother Will mended aeroplanes (and, totally illegally, test flew them afterwards to make sure he had done a good job!). Brother Bert ended up in the Navy as an engineer. The final brother, Ben, was drafted into design and research for what would become the RAF.


Says Steve: "The song is a tribute to the millions of ordinary people who came home but were forever changed."


"They Came Home" is available from iTunes and other digital stores or as a special edition CD from www.stevebonham.net


Five young lads from the North East who just love playing and making music, they have moved from epic rock to creating catchy, melodic pop tunes and are already turning a lot of heads within the music world and making waves with their own unique style and sound.

They have played at some high profile venues such as The Cavern Club in Liverpool, Manchester Academy and many other venues across the UK, supporting bands like Mallory Knox, Arcane Roots, Don Broco and already have a significant following in the North East.

Their fresh, new radio friendly track ‘Back to the Start’ is a fantastic blend of late 90’s grunge mixed in with modern rock flavours; think Fountains of Wayne meets Imagine Dragons in a cavalcade of pure rock/pop fusion and packs a punch at 3 minutes long.

Lost in Paradise are back stronger and more focused than ever, with a core belief and a set of values that follow, you only get back what you put in. The lads have been immensely hard at work so they are more than prepared to let the music do all the talking.

The new-look “Lost in Paradise” have been writing and recording nonstop, meaning many, many tracks have been brought to life in the early hours, with the lads sitting and jamming, keeping the sound fresh, real and raw.

‘Back to the Start’ is available on all digital platforms from 14 July 2014

These and the Other Guy

‘Put That Down’

Release Date: July 28th, 2014

York-based These and the Other Guy are a “quirky” quintet who’s music takes influences from everything from rock and electric blues to smoky ballads via reggae, rockabilly, country, jazz and more.


Put That Down, the first single taken from their self-titled debut album is tale of rockabilly regret, a woman’s frustration with her straying and endlessly unreliable man. Mixed in Leeds' Chairworks Studios by hugely experienced Simon Humphrey (The Clash, ABBA, Culture Club, Hot Chocolate), and mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge (The Who, George Harrison, Jules Holland, Rolling Stones), it is a fantastic first offering from a really promising new band!


Lead singer, Alex Botham, puts on a theatrical, passionate show with a voice that has echoes of Imelda May, Dusty, and Karen Carpenter. Behind her the band are a motley crew of all ages with years of experience in numerous styles. As a result their material is a mix of different tastes and influences which comes together to produce something completely new.


Listen to ‘Put That Down’ here: https://soundcloud.com/landerprsoundcloud/put-that-down-these-and-the-other-guys/s-64bju

EMPORIUM release new single FUNERAL from album 'The Afterlife' -------------------------------------------------------------------
Emporium's new single follows the 2013 release 'Magical Things' which was described as a 'pretty damn fine pop song' by Dutch blog Here Comes The Flood
'Funeral' is taken from latest album 'The Afterlife' which also spawned the 2012 single 'The Umbrella Shop'
LATEST FEEDBACK: ''I can tell you most of what you need to know about Emporium by saying that top notch, eccentric, pop and pomp-pop and dance-pop and quirky-pop all co-exist in the weirdly coherent and consistent sound that is Emporium.'' Unpeeled.net
''Lush melodies wading in psychedelica topped off with Eighties synthesizer sounds. This is a band that isn't "happening", hip or otherwise. Longevity is the keyword here, a band carving a niche outside the mainstream with layered songs about going nuts in a gentle way (Mindbender) and being afraid to go to sleep (Magical Things).The Afterlife might not be skyscraper, but it is built to last.'' Here Come The Flood
'' when the songs live up to the harmonies and the arrangements as they do on the title track, the fabulous ballad, 'Bluebell Wood' and the single, 'The Umbrella Shop', it really is a delight. They avoid most of the pitfalls of the indie scene by remembering that writing good songs and singing them well is what makes a record. '' Zeitgeist
''The band does not only demonstrate these influences with their own unique personality, but they bring them up to date with our age, "upgrading" the vintage vibe with a massive, wide soundscape.'' Hellhound Music
''This is an album you will keep coming back to again and again'' Pennyblackmusic
'' Standouts are the album opener “The Afterlife,” the languid ballad “Bluebell Wood,” the track “Magical Things,” “Beautiful Insanity (Don’t Fit In)” and the piano-driven “The Umbrella Shop.” Jamsphere
FUNERAL is released as a free download, available now from http://www.soundcloud.com/platformrecordsuk

Nishe - You Got Me Blind - out August 14th 2014.
Nishe are an alternative/Indie-rock band from London (UK) formed in August 2013.
The band consists of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals, guitar), Harold Wilson (bass, backing vocals) and Thomas Romer-Smith (drums, backing vocals) - three guys portraying different environments and mixing a diverse range of influences, from exotic tight rhythms to big surrounding sounds.
They propose a new concept of attraction, where the intriguing balance between tension and explosion is the key factor.
And this is undeniably evident in their personalities that perfectly reflect the dualism of their music, where sensibility and impetus, unpretentious and pride, comfort and incisiveness, contemplation and grip coexist, tied with contagious hooks and loads of excitement.
The releasing of their first EP “This is Nishe” achieved in the last months an unexpected enthusiastic feedback from blogs and radios in the UK, US, EU Canada and South America.
Nobody expected that the Californian online magazine “Indie Rock Café”, with around half a million views from all over the world every month, would include Nishe’s EP among the “Top DIY Albums” of this year, praising their “surprisingly fresh” work.
When Becky Jones put Nishe “somewhere in the space between Arctic Monkeys and Muse” on her blog, the three members of the band blushed:-)
There was no hierarchy among the songs released in the EP, however “You Got Me Blind” has naturally emerged as the actual single due to its more radio-friendly and catchy structure.
The band are already working in preparation for their return to the studio. They would like to evolve their three piece electric guitar based sound adding more synths and electronic layers, reserving a collaboration with one of the freshest established artists that they will soon reveal.
Nishe will be playing at the O2 Academy 3 Birmingham on August 22nd and at the Barfly in London on September 12th, however more shows will soon be confirmed, so keep an eye on their website (www.nisheband.com) for further updates.
Their first four song EP is now and the single You Got Me Blind out on August 14th 2014.
Social media:
10 Aug 2014 – The Musician (Leicester) 
22 Aug 2014 – O2 Academy 3 (Birmingham)
12th September - London Barfly

Inspired by their travels through New York and Berlin, Ibiza was an accidental destination for the band to set up shop and record their third record.
Writing in an old Spanish finca on the Ibizan hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the band was away from everything but the club scene. After 6 months solid writing, the band accidentally befriended Andy Taylor from Duran Duran and what went from an experiment turned into a studio lock in. Andy and Jules both act as co producers on the album.
A band pivoted around duality, male and female, the generational bridge between Katie White and Jules de Martino, city and island, new and old world music technologies, the journey was as vital as the destination. The album was mixed in New York at the legendary Avatar Studios straight onto analog tape.
Playful, honest, rhythmic and drenched in disco beats, Wrong Club is the perfect summer entrée to the bands third album. Within the first few rifts you’re hooked and when that synth vocal hits you, you’re transported into the uncompromised pop playground of The Ting Tings. As with all their records, this captures The Ting Tings now, as always with their fully-fledged creative license.
The single will be released on August 18th ahead of their as yet untitled forthcoming studio album slated for an autumn release.
What The Ting Tings say about Wrong Club -
"About feeling like you don't fit in - finding someone you can leave with - finding someone like you - finding someone who likes you - even if you can't dance like the rest" 
"It’s a dark take on a good time.. Finding your place on the dance floor.. or shunning the stereotypes around you because they can't see your vision regardless how wrong or right"
The Ting Tings, formed in 2007 in Manchester.  The new album follows 2008’s We Started Nothing and 2012’s Sounds From Nowhereville.
abstrakt X
unsigned rap-singer/producer/songwriter music artist. 
Twitter: @itsabstrakt

Facebook: facebook.com/itsabstrakt

Youtube: youtube.com/abstrakttv






Elizabeth Cornish - Harder - released August 4th
Leicester based songstress Elizabeth Cornish is warming hearts with “immensely compelling songs which instantly draw you in and immediately tingle on your senses.”* Her meticulous songwriting and delicate finger picking evoke early Beth Orton while her tender yet expressive vocals are reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor and Dido.
Recently supporting the likes of Emily and the Woods, Kristyna Myles and Katie Malco, Elizabeth is a moving performer well worth looking out for.
Her debut album ‘Displaced’ was independently released in March 2014 to a sold out hometown audience.
Her second single ‘Harder’ has since been introduced by Dean Jackson on BBC Introducing East Midlands and featured on Amazing Radio.
*Artsin Leicestershire About the Album: Displaced is the long awaited debut album by Elizabeth Cornish. The 11-track album is a collection of songs written over 6 years and touches on themes of transition, growth, overcoming barriers and moving on. The album is in many ways the culmination of Elizabeth’s nomadic upbringing, having been written while packing and unpacking boxes, saying goodbye to friends and family and an array of different sceneries. Displaced captures feelings of anguish, being torn between place after place and the loss of leaving people behind. Yet despite this, the warmth of hope and reassurance run throughout.
“A deep, rewarding debut album then, with enough twists, hooks, plaintive cries and thoughtful musings to constantly engage and sympathise with its embattled heroine.” (The Monograph

Warren Attwell
New  EP 'Fallen From Grace www.warrenattwell.com.  

little Donkey facebook[.]com/littledonkeymusic

Dynamite have recorded an album of rock tracks that will surprisingly get the listener singing them well after the CD has finished.

All the songs are written by songsmith Vic Malcolm who was the writer of all the Geordie hits back in the seventies. A band that had Brian Johnson as their vocalist. Brian left to join AC/DC and Vic moved to Cyprus where he continued to write and record songs many of which were published and released by Tabitha Music.

One night playing at a gig in Paphos Vic heard the incredible voice of Rick Mort and immediately wrote a number of songs. They played gigs on the island and recently released a live track “Black” on 13th June 2014, which has had massive airplay, and was made available as a download only.

At the end of last year they went into the studio to record this first album and the results are ten original rock tracks on the CD “Rock ‘til you drop.”

Tabitha Music Limited CEO, Graham Sclater said, "I have not been this excited about a rock band since we signed Adrian Smith's Urchin back in the seventies. Adrian went on to join Iron Maiden and I've always hoped that I could find and sign a band that played out and out uncompromising rock. "Dynamite" is such a band."

The album will be released on 11 July 2014 in CD format from Amazon or Tabitha Records and as a download from Amazon and iTunes.

Harbour -
FB -https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1417661328449607

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