Saturday, 19 July 2014

Showcase 19/7/14

Two very different guests on tonight's show. FreeParking and Ryan Harlin . Big thanks to them .

Here's the playlist -

Showcase -19/7/14 

Guests -Ryan Harlin & Free Parking 

Jc's Big Sound Of The Week -
The Poet Junkies -Junkie in the back street 

Playlist -

Land Of The Giants -Love is here 
These reigning Days -Opera of love 
There Goes Lizzie -Break Me 
The Verbals -Infidels 
NUMB -Locked 
The Dantes -Seasons 
Audible 1 FT Adjua -Good time Rhymes
Tiny Folds -Phosphorus Horses
Isaac Indiana -Madiba 
Adee Hague -The way it is 
Musical Geeks -Raise my head 
NIMO -Can't stand the apathy 
Broadwalk Isabella -The world is a mirror 
Caitlin Boulton -My favourite ex boyfriend 
Red Pocket Fox -Magice People
Siloet -The score 
Chris good -I thought my heart would never  Know 
Mandalas -In out nothing  
David Carrett  -Cold Feet 
Catherine & the owl -Fear 
Jonah Hitchins -Survival of the fittest 
-Six Days -Choose me again 
The Malthusian Trap -Redemption 
Gentian -Sooner 

Ryan Harlin 

Let you in 
Breaking Your own heart
At Night 
Drunk Calls 


Friends if egg 

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