Saturday, 27 June 2015

The One when JC met Max Alexander 27/6/15

Great to see Max again go check out his EP launch at the Cavern this July 

Playlist -

Secrets for September-if I need  
Lou Latham Vs dub clown -One day 
Coleman -25 years 
Downfall -Lost my mind 
Scott Heyworth -One of those days 
AudioTrick -who Cares 
Helen Sheppard -Shut your mouth 
Blood Painters-Parasite 
UK ID -Hacked 
Featured Artist -DevonBird 
Old ways
Hangman's Daughter  
Trena Marrie -It don't matter 
Gravity Drive -Trick of the light 

JC's Big Sound of the week -
Morning Rush -Black & white FT Emma Lauran 
Monster Jaw -Never change 
Lilth & the Knight -Wishbone 
Token Joker -Green 
Padman -Fire in your eyes 
Russell Sinclair -Born Blind 
Max Alexander -Running 
Max Alexander-Feel 

Featured Album -I hope you know & Bare Bones 

Chris Good -Through the sun & rain 
I won't give up 

Info -

Padman will have two  new tracks out soon . He's been  working hard in the studio composing new new music  
Watch this space ! 

Helen Sheppard -Shut your mouth 
Torquay singer album out on TedFMusic in a few weeks time 

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