Saturday, 20 June 2015

When JC met Fergus Tanner 20/6/15

Big thanks to tonight's Guest -Fergus Tanner. 

Lou Latham vs Dub clown -Unusual
Aaron Douglas -serenade 
Still the mind -Slow dancing 
JBAG -Everybody ( come on ) FT shindu 
Jack Cleary -Smile Today 
The secrets -I'm in trouble 

JC's Big Sound of the week-
Downfall -With You

Audio trick -Standing 
MoorReason -Secret Love 

Featured Artist -Blood Painters 
Killing Tree 

Bklyn -I want

Russell Sinclair -The Rock
Uncle Tan -The last remaining song 

Featured Album -Grice Alexandrine
She's my Garden 
New bays -reckless 
UK id -in a trance 
Youth club -Breath 
Andy B -Count to Ten 
Liudprand -The En Book  

Info -

Blood Painters -FB-

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