Saturday, 12 September 2015

The one when JC met Amber Smith & Hena Larkin . 12/9/15

Great to see tonight's guests Amber Smith & Hena Larkin . Top peeps 

Playlist -

Vita & the vicious-Bender 
Victoria -summertime 
Tokyo Taboo -Bubbllliciious 
Helen Sheppard -shut your mouth 
Cave Mouth -No Time 
After party-The Fire 
Empire Of Fools -Hope 
The Maddigans-Running on empty 
Southbound 69 -What I  am 
Rosa Rebecka -Be Mine 
Amber Smith -suits of armour 

Jc's Big sound of the week -
Raphael Ghetti -Billionaire Boys Club 
Concrete Donkey -In a Haze 
Grice -Leftside 
Sam Westaway -Live love life 

Featured Artist - Ben Robey Band 
Lover not a fighter 
Devil Woman 

Pandamonium-Mission Passed 
Chris Good -I hope you know 
Mike Morton Music -Hit and run 
Candice Russell -So much more 
Nucleust -Faith by the sword 
UK ID -in a trance 

Featured Album -Yazzy -Silly boys Braking hearts 

Silly boys Braking hearts 
Everything you said you never were 

Sian Hoskin -Nashville girl 
Six sins till Sunday -Six feet down south  

Info -

Jasper Story only 18 years old 

Jasper Storey is pleased to announce the release of his brand new EP ‘Storeys’, out 28th September.


Bristol is home for the singer-songwriter, but it has become a rare occasion when he can settle back for any long length of time, before heading off to another gig in Bristol, Jasper set down to record his debut EP, along with his electric guitar.  


The four tracks that form the ‘Storeys’ EP are united in their blissful and up-tempo outlook, a sound that has defined the 18 year old. The smokey whisper of Jasper’s voice has given way to something more romantic and rootsy on this recording. The songs are full of emotion and it’s here that Jasper reveals himself as an exceptional songwriter. 


Listen to the EP on soundcloud link private: 

Track List

Monday Morning



That’s Just You


Jasper Storey  //


Composer and Lyricist Mike Morton who is based in Plymouth, England.

Learning his trade through the Songwriters Guild, Mike Morton has since gone on to be a finalist out of over 6,000 entries in the UK Songwriters competition with a song he co-wrote with his brother
Since then, he has written songs for a large number of singers and now returns with his new track Hit & Run Love (Lie Lie Lie) featuring Sarah Jays on vocals.
Details on this along with further information on Mike Morton can be found on his website or you can follow him on Facebook at

You can listen to Mike Morton's new track, Hit & Run Love (Lie Lie Lie) below:

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