Saturday, 19 September 2015

The One When JC met The Lena Smith Band 19/9/15

Sat 19 
Amazing to meet two members of The Lena Smith Band / Stu & Lena 

Look up this six piece band and their two current Ep's 

FB -

Twitter -@smith_lena

Playlist -

Sound of the Sirens -Stars 
UK I D -Raid 
Martyn Crocker -honestly 
Beacon Fire -Daffodil
Trena Marie -sexy Drive 
FireKind -Defend 
Sophie Sutton -Futureless
Empire of fools -Down To earth 
The Quincies-Rebel without a cause 
Chantel McGregor-take the power 
Southern Belle
Ryan Webb -Journey
Raphael Getti -Suttin Souless 
Southbound 69 -Big Bad World 
Elephant Memoirs -Out of my head 
Will Hawkins -Early warning Sign 
Yazzy -Monday morning blues 
Six sins Till Sunday -Revenge Kill 
Damn Vandals -Whisky Going Free 
JC's Big Sound of the week -
Stella Martyr -Jungfrau 

Lena Smith Band -
Lost soul 
Blink of an eye 
Ear bender 

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