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The One When JC met Chris Linton 17/11/15

Thanks to Chris Linton for a bloody ace live session ! Go find his EP out now 

FB -https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1324240757&tsid=0.928936553420499&source=typeahead

Twitter -@Lintonofficial 

Playlist -
EOFE -Get Caught 
Chantel McGregor -Killing time
Chris Linton -Where are we Now 
Le Grind - Pillow Talk 
Avant Garde -Don't push me sister 
Man Made Time -Sail away 
The deadline Shakes -Slipping from your heart 
Niall James Holohan -New wave ( is this Rock n roll ) 
The beat Corporation -Got that thing 
Steve Dagleish -Angle to ancient 
Boots for dancing -Salt in the ocean 
Mark Anthany -80s Vibe 
Ummagma -Ocean Girl 
Shane Nolan -Child 
Sittin Pretty -Twenty four seven 
Skyler -Free 
Lyndon Rivers Ft Felicity Robinson -It never seems to last 
Grazy Gray -Do you still love me ( when I'm 70 ) 
This can hurt -Some days 
Vic & the mischiefs -Frame is your driver 

Featured EP of the week -Velvet & Stone -Storm 
Fisherman's Blues 


Info -

After initially bonding over their distaste for squeaky clean pop music – Avant Garde members Daz (Guitar/Vocals), Jay (Bass) and Jason (Drums) met and formed the band in their hometown of Dudley in the late-to-mid 00’s. They have successfully played hundreds of shows around the UK, and are building a dedicated cult following. 
November 2015, aided by Bradford based producer Mik Davis, AG are to unleash two brand new sounds into he world - single  ‘Don’t Push Me Sister’ and B-side ‘Down’ showcase the band at their most daring, successfully merging hard-rock psychedelia and slacker grunge in a stoner haze of chaos and raw melody.
‘Avant Garde are the ultimate garage band – they play like they just formed, it’s raw, untamed and unpredictable.  Single Don’t Push Me Sister has a hit-you-in-the-face quality to it. It conjures up memories of the first time I heard Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, BRMC and yet has an originality all of its own. Generously drenched in reverb and distortion – it’s a powerful single that shakes, grooves and hisses.’ Mik Davis – Producer
Avant Garde on the Web

Artiste : Boots For Dancing
Release - The Undisco Kidds
Format: Double Album/CD/Download

Born at Scotland's post-Punk crossroads in 1979, Boots For Dancing kicked down the boundary walls of a played-out scene and introduced the UK to a more funky way of doing Punk. Hugely popular as a live act, often wiping the floor with the bands they were supporting (U2 and Talking Heads were two of their early supports), Boots was something genuinely ahead of the epoch's curve and played an important part in the vanguard of the burgeoning Post Punk and Punk-Funk movements. Sadly, Boots For Dancing's light shone brightly but briefly. Though the band had connections with, and cross-pollinations between, better-known acts such as The Rezillos, The Human League and Josef K.

Their boundless energy and undeniable talent never proved quite enough for great success. Great songs, even bolstered with good looks, are no guarantee of success in the fickle music business. Ultimately, business got in their way and the group disbanded in 1982 with just a few single releases in its canon, though a wealth of potential hits had been put to tape. Athens of the North is proud to present the band's 1982 album-that-never-was - an album that surely would have made them. It still sounds as fresh as it was when recorded.

The holy grail lost Scottish post punk LP - Extensive Sleeve Notes by Music and Theatre writer Neil Cooper

Additional Sleeve notes by Jo Callis (Boots for Dancing/Human League /Rezillos) and Mark Hagen (BBC Radio)

Le Grind have been a dancefloor fave, since debut single 'I Was There (Where Were You) became an underground hit, which also lead to the likes of KDA, Jodie Harsh andAndi Durrant all wanting to remix them.MTV even said it was 'Quite possibly the most flamboyant dance song the world has ever heard !'. 

Pillow Talk is a throbbing electronic funk/pop workout, that tells the familiar story of that boy who promises you everything, until he dips his wick and slips out quick! :-)

Mr. Gray also known as GRAZYGRAY is a old man who lives in DDR, Berlin, Germany. He hasn't watched the news lately or went outside. He is perfectly happy staying inside with his wife listening to his old vinyls like The Beach Boys, The Monkees, The Kinks etc. He has been honing his song-writing skills for decades and now he's ready to show them to the world. His first single is 'Do You Still Love Me (When I'm 70)'. It's a feel-good retro-futuristic pop gem that gives you summery feeling even in autumn time. Release date for the single is 23th of November, 2015. Available in all major digit

Reminiscent of Odelay era-Beck and Morning Glory era-Oasis with allusions to 90s hip hop and EDM, 'New Wave' is the ambitious debut single from Irish born and London based solo artist and producer Niall James Holohan; the perfect introduction to an experimental musician with a lot on this mind. 

"Dublin's Morrissey"

"Dylan fanatic with a drum machine"
Safe Kind Of High 

Social Links:


Man Made Time who are based in Los Angeles, USA.   


Having met through mutual friends, Hillary and Albert realised they had similar musical and life influences which later went on to become their collaboration idea, Man Made Time.
After a few experimental jam sessions in the parking lot of a coffee shop, the duo decided to take their ideas into the studio, the outcome being their debut EP Time Stands Still.  
Quoted as having a commercial yet unique feel drawn from their inspirational backgrounds of 80's and 90's Pop, Rock and tribal influences, you can find out more information on Man Made Time on their website www.facebook.com/manmadetime or you can follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/manmadetime

You can listen to Man Made Time's new single, Sail Away below:

Mark Anthony and on
Saturday, 14th November 2015; we will be announcing that Mark's
forthcoming single 'An 80's Vibe', will be available for pre-order,
ahead of the track's official release date of Monday, 21st December

Mark Anthony 
official website at www.markanthonymusic.net


The Beat Corporation are Manchester duo Jody Spence and Tyler Daly. They came together to create music with no limitations and to share a common goal, to make music with no boundaries. 2014 saw The Beat Corporation have releases on legendary dance label Champion Records (Robin S, Faithless) and they have now teamed up with Supersonic Media to present their “Slaving For The System” EP.

The EP kicks off with the title track “Slaving For The System”, a melodic house meets electro funk tune with a bass cab-busting groove that you want to hear over and over again. This is followed by the piano meets tech house banger “Got That Thing” which is sure to mashup dancefloors globally and is already receiving great early support from the guys at Kiss. “No Pressure” is the third track on the EP and is a soulful tech house tune with a fat techno bassline. “DJ Dealer” rounds up the package with its driving electro/bass that evokes thoughts of Green Velvet producing Mutant Disco.

After a busy summer, and a string of Festivals including Acoustic Festival of Britain, LFest and the Grand Southern Ukulele Festival, ViX & her MsChiefs head back into the studio to record their new EP ‘Music & Mischief’. The new 4 track EP penned by ViX, has been funded by an extremely successful Pledge Music Campaign, with fans pre-ordering the EP, buying signed goodies, and even songwriting sessions with the lady herself up for grabs! Staying true to their original influences ‘Music & MsChief’ will certainly not disappoint loyal fans and pledgers, with elements of Americana, Country and Rockabilly, and with the help of guest musicians Kate Porter on Drums, and Megan Burke on Electric Guitar the latest material is sure to appeal to an even wider bunch of music lovers!


Ahead of the new EP the girls will be releasing the single ‘Fame Is Your Driver’ from their debut EP ‘Live at Magic Garden’. The track is a satirical send-up of reality TV culture and having your 15 minutes of fame! The video for the track is available to watch on YouTube, with the single set to be released in Autumn 2015.


ViX & her MsChiefs are available for live shows as a 3-piece:

ViX: Vocals and Ukulele

Mimi: Guitar, Cajon and Backing Vocals

Hayley: U-Bass and Backing Vocals


For bigger events - and even more MsChief - the band can be booked as a 5-piece, with the addition of Electric Guitar and Drums.


For the remainder of the year Vix & her MsChiefs will be busy preparing for their fabulous Christmas shows, including Sarehole Mill and a very special ‘Merry MsChiefmas Xmas Bash’ at Katie Fitzgerald’s in Stourbridge, where the girls will be joined by Violinist Nemi!



Facebook: www.facebook.com/ViXherMsChiefs

Twitter: @vixmschief

YouTube www.youtube.com/ViXherMsChiefs


If you have picked up The Metro, The Sun or The Daily Star you might have already come across Skyler. 

Teen pop darling Skyler has joined hip hop legend Snoop Dogg for her debut offering ‘Fire’. At the tender age of 16, Skyler is crafting dynamic pop hits way beyond her years inspired by the likes of Beyonc√© and Christina Aguilera and bands The 1975, All Time Low and Blink-182. Her first collaboration with Snoop Dogg sets the bar pretty high and she is perfectly at ease with the prospect of stardom.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn8MfeoiTKE

Hailing from Los Angeles, California and with firm routes in sunny Bournemouth, England, Skyler has got what it takes to break markets in both the US and the UK. The new single ‘Fire’ is her way of making an impact on the world and lighting up people’s lives. As well as being a burgeoning pop star, Skyler loves helping animals and frequently volunteers at animal rescue centres.
On top of a yearning passion for music Skyler is obsessed with everyone’s favourite Antarctic inhabitant, The Penguin. Aside from a fierce passion for these furry flightless birds, Skyler enjoys the exciting world of British football and is a staunch supporter of Arsenal Football Club, waking up in the early hours of the morning to watch her favourite team play.
Skyler is lyrically articulate, vocally stunning and musically in tune and is on her way to cement herself as a lasting pop act.
‘Fire’ featuring Snoop Dogg is out January 29th

Shane Nolan 

Child vid 

Take a look at this video on YouTube:


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