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The one when JC met Chris Bailey 8/12/15

Always good to use the show to showcase musical talent that you may never here . Thanks to Chris Bailey for doing just that and coming in the show talking and playing a live acoustic session . 

Playlist -
King no one -Gold 
Horse Party -Pay Dirt 
Years Young -Sleeping Easy 
Fifth Quarter -Escape from 
Shelby Country Sinners -21st Century Bail out 
Matchstick men -Different Paths 
Jon Fuller -Everybody says so  
X-ite project -Get free today 
The Kilk -Find my way 
Leapfrog town -Fear
Willie Logan -Wholemeal 
Conquer Rio -Be my lady 
Hannah Brown -I don't want to be you 
Dielle -Shelter from the storm  
Temporary Hero -Little Jack Frost get lost 
Bearpark -Boxers 
U.K. iD -1986
Colin Clyne -Merry Go Round 
Nishe -Want it back 
Emily Browne -Snap & Crackle 
Chole Collins -Forget your name 
Chantel McGregor -Burn your anger 
Black Smoke Symphony-Coming home  


The X-ite-Project, by DJ Matthias Peschties, was launched in 2012. The name X-ite Project originates from a fashionable, late 90s, German Club. During the late 90s, Matthias was a resident DJ at the club for many years which unfortunately closed at the end of the 90s. Henceforth, he decided, to never again work as a resident DJ in a club and in the wake of this rocked countless clubs all over Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2013, the X-ite Project published 7 singles, which managed to place themselves in various dance charts (DDC / Beatport / DC / DDP / Swiss Dance Charts).

Matthias Peschties also managed to already make a name for himself as a remixer. Among others produced various mixes for Jack & Jones, Marco P., Gauliome Cocquin and Tiger and Dragon.

But now, with the brand new single "Get Free Today" the focus is on a production of his own. The Trance House Song convinces ,in addition to the unique vocals, also through a warm and soft arrangement. Just the thing for those cold winter evenings. The publications are completed by two varied remixes by Phil Ramone & Adam Shure.

Website: http://www.khb-music.d

Hip Hop / Rock band The Klik who are based in Essex, England.   


Having gradually raised their profile through BBC, local and internet radio play, as well as performing at a number of established venues in and around London since their formation 3 years ago, The Klik are expected to increase their fan base even further following the release of their new single Find My Way.
Described as being a cross between The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Limp Bizkit, mixed with Sublime Rebelution, you can find out more information on The Klik by visiting their website www.theklik.co.ukor you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theklikuk 

Influenced by everything from Talking Heads and Bowie to T Rex and Underworld, Leapfrogtown takes an eclectic approach to production, letting the sounds serve the songs and the band serve the sounds. 
The Leapfrogtown sound is diverse but distinctive, taking in elements of art rock, post-punk, rock, ska and guitar pop.
Speaking about Leapfrogtown, Chris said: “Our approach is direct, energetic and quirky. Our music videos have similar values as music is a multi-sensory experience.”
Leapfrogtown Links

Facebook          Twitter         YouTube

Shelby County Sinners who are based in Indiana, USA.   


Going from a small town band opening for national touring acts. to now being the most sought after live act, The Shelby County Sinners are drawing in fans through their drummer-less style of Rogue Country music.
Often compared to the early sound of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two, their new EP '6' is now available to purchase, and you can find details on this along with information on forthcoming gig dates for the Shelby County Sinners by visiting their website www.shelbycountysinners.com or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theshelbycountysinners

You can listen to Shelby County Sinners new single, 21st Century Bail Out Blues below:

young Liverpool-based rock band named Matchstickmen appears ready, willing, and more-than-able to add another exciting chapter to their home town’s noble rock history book.


Matchstickmen fully appreciate each others  talents and fully hit their musical stride, it didn’t take long for the labels to take notice. It was in 2011 that MainLine Records and Code7 Music / Plastic Head Distribution Ltd sealed the deals, giving the band the opportunity to turn their rock ‘n’ roll dreams into reality. Plastic Head is one of the leading music distributors in the UK, especially where rock/metal music is concerned and have charted artists including Anthrax, Gaslight Anthem, Green Day and grunge legends The Screaming Trees in the Independent and National Charts. April 2015 they signed to Holier Than Thou Records.


Lewis Wright (vocals) “We are so please with the response from the amount of radio play we have received on so many FM and online radio stations. These stations have provided some excellent feedback from both listeners and presenters, and it has all been very positive so far. Our intent from the very beginning for each song was to carry the listener on a journey, and we want to make sure the ride is as interesting as possible so it’s nice to see that so many people out there finally “get” us and understand what we are trying to say and do… we are grateful to you all".

Willie Logan

Edinburgh born guitarist Willie Logan has played in bands since his teens and became a professional musician soon after leaving full time education. In 1997 he made the final of Guitarist magazines Guitarist Of The Year competition at Wembley and at that time had several guitar instrumental tribute albums out on the Hallmark label, which sold in excess of 70,000 units. He also recorded a rock version of THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN which topped the Besonic.com Blues charts for 3 years enjoying on average 200 - 300 plays a day for the first 6 months and is now featured on his album of the same name. Subsequent to that, he has released several other solo albums on Rollercoaster records and German label ZYX, and toured these all over Europe, solo and with a band.

Will has worked with many well known musicians and bands over the years and has several projects he is currently involved in, including a Rock covers band and a corporate function band CUT THE CAKE and is always looking for new ventures. Even though the new acoustic driven album MR ORANGE PEEL has just been released, the title is taken from an old performing name from the 1990's, THE ORANGE PEEL EFFECT (spawned from a bad paint job on the touring van at that time) there is also a more electric album now complete and to be released on December 1st. The album is titled CHANGE.

BABY WON'T PHONE (Quadrascope - 7" single : Arrival Records)
THE SECRET AFFAIR (Jupiter Red - 7" EP : Arrival Records)
SOMETHING SPECIAL (7" single : Arrival Records)
ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND ME (Blazing Apostles - CD single : Equity Records)
DEDICATIONS (Pickwick/Elite)
TUNES FOR GUITAR SLINGERS (Rollercoaster Records)
THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN BLUES, (originally on Pickwick but now re-packaged on Rollercoaster)
FRAGILE CREATURES  (Rollercoaster Records)
DEVIL IN THE DETAIL  (Rollercoaster Records)
BLUES FLAVORED CANDY   (Rollercoaster Records)
ALTOCUMULOUS  (Zyx Records/Peppercake)
MR ORANGE PEEL  (Rollercoaster Records)

Lincolnshire rockers Years Young have launched their new single 'Sleeping Easy', taken from the bands debut EP 'Hiraeth'. You can find details of the single in the press release below. We would be grateful if you could consider the epic new track for airplay. 'Hiraeth' is scheduled for release on the 15th of January 2016 

Years Young are for fans of: Lower Than Atlantis, Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox and Don Broco.

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