Saturday, 8 October 2016

The one when JC met Roni ( again) 8/10/16

Amazing to chat with @roniperrymusic again on #jccooperlive @rivierfm re new album  see you around

@LouLatham8 @CHARLSTONRAYUK @kieraosment @ClaraBondSongs @TripleA_Band @TQ12online @HorlerSadie 

#jccooperlive @rivierafm big sound of the week Fire  from @CHARLSTONRAYUK tune!!!!!!!!!! 

Playlist -

A band on Hope -So far 

Tq12 -Freedom 

Kiera Osment -Atlas 

Clara Bond -Tambourine 

Triple A -Modern addictions 

Sadie Horler -Dancing Barefoot 

Lou Latham -Chasing cars 

Pete Fallon -Reasons

Charistonray -Fire 

The strange and the beautiful -Move on up  

Matt Restaint -Melbourne Monsta 

Roll Credits -Jax 

Losing Victory -Break 

Love Street -I'll come back to you  

Farro -lose you 

Rapha Ghetti - Hide Away feat. Liv

Padman -Trouble and strife 

The Dreamer within -CMNKS

Red Right Hand -Lioness 

Jax -Roll Credits 

Romeo's Daughter -Touch 

Tokyo Taboo -Make it out alive 

Roni -ease the pain 


Help me make it .....

See you around baby 




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