Sunday, 6 January 2013

Playlist 5/1/13

JC 's big sound-James Gould -The art if trusting

Megan fellows featured artist

Ikil Orion -Revolution
Lunchables -Maggie Brown
The retro trade -Money Master
Ross Mayhew -Freedom dances under the sun
Francesca cable-Dow -What ma gonna do with my love
Ekul's House -Commitments
Jake downs -Sezie the water
Harry Vinacombe -Money
Daniel Schamroth -Cold blowing
Ticks and stones -Big Red Light
Man upstairs -Your free
Alice Niamh -Home ( exclusive )
Megan Fellows -Light
-Best Friend( exclusive )
The legend 10 seconds -The Fey
Adam issac - show off
Sunday Skyclub -Nerd hot sandwich ( exclusive )
Lower lands -Reality in routine
Same current -Oceans
The hotel year -Vacancy
Native wildlife -bitter work
Jack Rosie's -happy with you
Gutless Wonder -Lyvers
Battleship Romance -navigating through the stars
Earls of enkation -Vahalia

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