Saturday, 1 June 2013

Riviera showcase 1/6/13

Some funny characters on tonight's show.Big Thanks 

King Rat & The Desperado's who played live. 
Noterminus  for talking  about their new album Haselupker's Ink 
Plus  Atlanta Rose.for doing a pre-Recorded session and interview ! 

Jcs Big Sound -Emily Park -Kite 
Album of the week - Charlie Pinfold -Toptoe

Playlist -
Someday 1 -Without you
Last one out -When we were Dinosaurs 
Big wave -Living Room 
Beyond the clones  Vs Little Noosh-Night Whispers
Emily Park -Kite 
The maratones-8.40
Daniel Adam -Shine for you 
Gentian -Finished
Simon Ward -Box Rock
Low tide theory -Time will tell
Empire of Fools -Dirty Mind 
Crpitcz -Luvin u 
Mantarybryn -Pristine
Sion Roe -Mississippi -Trail
Alex Audible -Kalideoscope
Nineteen -Thoughtless 
Rohoilo-Drumkits & Kisses
Tourists-We will talk about it 
The Kedellas-Heaven Sent 
Fast one 
Sankara-Chasing the Sun 
Dark Plains -Get some 
Jagged Row -Addicted to you 


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