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Music engine show 25/6/13

Thanks to Empire of fools for coming on the show for a chat . Plus Oddslane for recording a live session from us all the way from the USA .


Dust Bowl Jokies-Boots on the rocks 
Daniel Link -Save me a place 
The new futures -Ocean 
David E -Velvet Skies( Ft Nithya)
Johnsonville City Nights-Stanger But not a stranger 
Tall Timber -Honesty Me 
Holocene -Grab my coat 
The Trade -Fu-Go
Rattlin Doors -In a tree house 
Shownizheroes-Just out of reach 
Valentine -Chucky 
Minimum-Smash Routine 

Empire of fools -Unstoppable 
Dirty Mind 
Better day 

Session -
Odds lane -English 
Out my window 

Info -

Tall Timber who are based in Florida, USA.
Tall Timber now return with their new single Honestly Me.
Since forming Tall Timber, the duo have toured together from Florida to Wisconsin, North Dakota to Phoenix and all points in between over the last several years, with last year alone seeing them travel over 50,000 miles.  Through this heavy tour schedule, they are now beginning to create a huge buzz on the Country music scene which resulted in one of their tracks ‘I Remember’ being voted Best Patriotic Song for 2010, and will be capped in October this year when they will be inducted into the Nebraska Country Music Hall Of Fame.
Further information on how you can purchase their new single Honestly Me, plus details on forthcoming gig dates can be found on their websites www.talltimbermedicineshow.com or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/talltimber

Daniel Link who is based in Santa Fe, Mexico.
Having performed at a number of top festivals across the USA and even having 11 July 2002 proclaimed by Austin Mayor, Gus Garcia as ‘Daniel Link Day’, Daniel Link has achieved more in his career at present than some artists can only dream of.
With multiple song writing awards behind him, various chart success, and even having his song Bruce Wayne featured on the official Batman website, not to mention numerous radio play throughout the USA, more and more people are now beginning to catch on to Daniel Link’s unique Pop Rock songs.  This is likely to increase even further following the release of his latest studio album titled Book Of Shadows.
Details on how you can purchase Daniel Link’s albums along with information on forthcoming gig dates can be found on his website www.daniellink.com or you can follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/daniellinkmusic

 Dust Bowl Jokies who are based in Sweden.
Dust Bowl Jokies now return with their new single Boots On Rocks Off.
Since meeting during a bar fight in March 2011, Dust Bowl Jokes have gone on to create a huge buzz around their music in their home country of Sweden.
After hooking up with renowned producer Beau Hill who has worked with the likes of Warrant, RATT and Alice Cooper to name but a few, the band recorded a number of tracks with him which have since been included on their new album titled Cockaigne Vaudeville.
Described as being groovin’ occult rock n’ roll you can view the new video for Boots On Rocks Off by visiting their website www.dustbowljokies.com as well as finding out details on gigs and how you can purchase their material.  You can also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dustbowljokies   

Johnsonville City Nights who are based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Having been ebbing and flowing around the Wellington music scene, and after numerous band tours, radio and TV appearances and session work lead vocalist and guitarist Finn Johansson has emerged with a motley crew of accomplices to form Johnsonville City Nights.
Since their formation, the band has gone on to tour the North Island of New Zealand twice and play listed on local and national radio on numerous occasions with more exposure expected to follow.
Their music has been quoted as making you slowly consume your every waking minute 'till you implode and merge, Cronenberg-esque, with the coffee table, and you can find out what all the fuss is about by downloading their new self titled album for free by visiting their website www.johnsonvillecitynights.bandcamp.com 
You can also follow Johnsonville City Nights on Facebook at www.facebook.com/johnsonvillecitynights and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jholecitynights


2nd single from Seattle, US band THE NEW FUTURES.

Released 18th June 2013.

It's a great piece of alternative pop and is a little taster of things to come from this great new find for the label. It even has a saxophone solo!

It's from the "Radioactive" e.p, which is released on July 2nd 2013. This also features the first single "Sunshine."

The New Futures are:

Sammy J. Riddle - Founder/Singer/Guitar
Gustavo Carmo - Guitar
Chip Reno - Bass 
Robert Ray "Baker" Jr. - Drums

"Ocean" is a great pop song and will have you singing along by the end of it. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head all day.

They've been picking up lots of coverage in the States:

-New Music Weekly
-U Musicians
-Palace of Rock
-Music News Nashville
-Vents Magazine

They have an e.p. release party on July 5th in Seattle at the renowned "Crocodile" club.

Sammy's bio - His father was a working musician and Sammy had a guitar in his hands from the age of 5. He knew from the age of 8, music is what he was gonna do with his life. After dabbling in his teens with drink and drugs, he soon realised he had to clean up or his music was not going to happen. He has been sober ever since. He's now 27.

He met the love of his life when he was just 17 and married her soon after, taking on role of father to her 2 sons (aged 7 and 8 at the time.) Sammy and Janaea are still blissfully happy together with another son to add to the clan.

Being a young father of 3, Sammy had mouths to feed, and took on many roles - from selling mortgages and cars to setting up his own painting company in Seattle. Things seemed to be going well to the outsider looking in - but Sammy had a giant gaping hole in his soul as he wasn't moving forward with his music.

Bass players, drummers and keyboard players came and went, but then suddenly about a year ago, things clicked. With a new drummer, Chip back on bass and Gustavo sounding amazing on guitars, The New Futures were born.

Gustavo's bio - Is from Brazil. His mother worked in a bank and his father owned the first FM radio station in the city of Bebedouro. He was also a professional musician at least 3 days a week. Gustavo had easy access to all sorts of music (and freebie records) at his Dads radio station, but didn't become interested in playing music until the age of 12.

He went to college to study computers but kept up guitar lessons (classic and rock) for another 5 years. Gustavo and his brother Rodrigo started a band called "Versover" and they made 4 albums in Brazil and had some success. Until the record label owner ran off without trace - taking their money with him.

Throughout his life there's been a theme of "music or computers?" With The New Futures, he gets to do both. He prefers music though;-)

Chip's bio - Former party animal and trouble maker turned entrepreneur. Very business-minded and received a degree in Computer Information Systems. He fell in love with the idea of using business expertise to improve the world and decided to set up a social enterprise centred on international consulting (iconleaders.org) Loves being in the band and playing bass too;-)

And finally...."Baker" comes from a musical background and has been playing drums since he was 3. He's been a musician for over 2 decades and is still only 24 years old! He's played in many types of band - from R n B to hip hop, funk and jazz and is now loving his time in The New Futures.

You can check the bands Facebook page here:

Their fan base is growing in the States and now the track is coming to these shores, we think it's gonna get a little bit bigger!

The future's bright for The New Futures.

Holocene -

The Trade -Fu-Go

Facebook -thetradeoffical

Rattlin Doors -In a tree house 

Album -Tales from behind the curtain 

Track-Just out of reach 

Valentine -Chucky 
On Integrity Records now 

Minimum-Smash Routine 

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