Saturday, 8 June 2013

Riviera showcase 8/6/13

Great end to a sunny day on the show with Simon Ward & Foot Joy play live cupboard sessions . Also interviewed Jay , a member of 
Sankara on the phone. Plus our featured album was by Issac Indiana

JC's big sound - The gravity Drive -Tear me apart

Featured Album- Issac Indiana-Borderlines
I Know
Let Go 

Playlist - 
Last one out -Search for a catalyst
Big wave -Only You
The Maratones -Vixon
Empire of Fools -Better day
Beyond Te clones vs little nush- Better day
Gentian -Trying to be 
Crypticz -Luvin U
The cut ups -I learnt a lesson 
Woodford Green -Forcast 
Beth Porch -Love  You anyway
Siloet -Control
Daniel Scharmoth -Flicker 
Greg Hancock -Don't expect it all to make sense
Castles -Said it yourself 
Johnny found a raygun -Take a chance
The New Lights -Who Killed the lights 
Owen Penrice and the Kingskins -don't. Stop me now 
The Kedellas-Heaven sent 
Emily Howard -Skip this track 
A man called crow -heavens here 
The Scribes -Burning Bridges 
These Reigning days -Too Late 

Info -

Daniel Scharmoth- 

Free download link to EP 


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