Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Music engine 27/5/14 the no guest best of the year so far show

No guest just great music .  First hour all new stuff then second hour was the best of the year so far. My fav tracks ...

It's the low budget no budget show you know ....

New show 26 

Playlist -

Nick Tann-Can't stop missing you 
Dirty Bob -Man Behind The Gun
The Relays-( Like a ) Satellite 
Nina Baker -Bruising
Hunting Helen-Hopes & Dreams 
Davidge-Sensor Remix 
The Twice -Stay Sweet 
Yawning Dog -Nothing To say 
Johnny Cooper -Thank You 
Kelly Marie -Run to me 
Sky full of liars-Lonely are the brave ( live demo) 
Casper -Trapped 
Down the machine -Null & void 
Roy & Ned-Alabama 
The Marivaux -insides 
Rob Rise on Belief-up in the air  Altrego -Miraculous Epiphanies
Gem O Reilly -I have found me 
Heather Page - We can change 
I heart sharks -To be young 
FTLOM -Thank you
Spotlight Kid -A minor character 
Lettgemusucplay -in the beginning 
Done by sunrise -Done by sunrise

Featured Artist-Jack Robert Hardman

Nuclear Family
Loose Connection   


Hunting Helen who are based in Nottingham, England   
With influences ranging from 30 Seconds To Mars to James Morrison, Hunting Helen have been creating quite a stir on the Nottingham music scene and beyond.
Currently in the process of recording their new album, Hunting Helen have already been played on BBC radio and supported the Gorgeous Chans to a sold out show at the Bodega in Nottingham.  Described as having a sunburst of electric bass lines which provide and insanely good vibe, you can find out further details on Hunting Helen including information on their new single Hopes And Dreams by visiting their website www.facebook.com/huntinghelen or you can follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/hunting_helen

Nina Baker - 'Bruising' Out June 2nd 2014
'Bruising' is the second single release by Nina Baker from her self-produced 
debut album 'Quite Frankly'.
The young classically trained pianist-singer-songwriter from Leamington Spa 
has had a great start to 2014.
Her debut track 'Single Bed' was released in January and played on BBC Radio 2 and supported by Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music. She has also supported Ella Eyre, Henrik Freischlader & Mick Flannery on their UK & European Tours.
But whereas her debut single was a tongue-in-cheek retort to past relationships, 
'Bruising' opens up another avenue into the persona of Nina Baker. A darker, 
more vulnerable and far more hurting side than her calm & elegant exterior 
would ever imply.
The foundation of 'Bruising' is the tale of a long term relationship breaking up, 
well before the end. Lines such as "One more chance you keep saying, one 
more chance as if I can take it" & "Your lies bruising me" describe the anguish 
of an innocent party in a deceitful & failing partnership.
From the military, machine-gun like drums, you are thrown into a war zone 
from the outset. There are tender moments, but these are soon ended with 
sudden stops, screaming frustration & a need of salvation - All of which build 
to a mighty crescendo.
This is a more powerful & edgier Nina Baker, synonymous with her live show. She and her band are playing a lot of gigs all over the country right now.
Her piano riffs hammer hard like tubular bells of confusion, the bass-lines 
pound like a heart-beat full of adrenaline and her anguish-soaked vocals 
whisper & shout in torment.
‘Bruising' is released on June 2nd and the album ‘Quite Frankly’ hits the shelves 
later this year in August.
Nina was runner-up last year of MTV’s Brand New competition this year, which sought out the creme de la creme of new music across the nation.
Joined by top producers such as Nick Brine, Tristan Ivemy & John Themis at Rockfield Studios, The Church & Abbey Road - the last 18 months has been devoted to making her masterpiece album which she wrote, arranged & co-produced.
Nina draws her influence from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Kate Bush, and writes a fusion of genres - from typical pop, to folk and rock - while also brushing on jazz, country and skiffle.
Chorlton Arts Festival (Just me & Nick for this acoustic set) - Wed 21st May, evening.
Link: http://www.chorltonartsfestival.com/
Lechlade Music Festival, Gloucestershire - Friday 23rd May. Evening
Link: www.lechladefestival.co.uk
Darwen Live - Mon 26th May. Afternoon/evening
Wychwood Festival - Sunday 1st June. (Stage time to be confirmed)
Link: http://www.wychwoodfestival.com/
Leamington Peace Festival, Leamington Spa - Sunday 15th June - Afternoon/evening
Link: http://www.peacefestival.org.uk/
Godiva Festival, Coventry - Sunday 6th July. (Stage time to be confirmed)
Link: http://www.godivafestival.com/
Napton Festival, Napton - Friday 11th July. Main Stage. (stage time to be confirmed)
Link: http://www.naptonfestival.co.uk/pages/index.php
FakeFestivals, Sellyoak - 9th August -Afternoon/evening
Link: https://www.fakefestivals.co.uk/2014/Selly-Oak.html
Social media:
Web: www.ninabakermusic.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ninabakermusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ninabakermusic

Dirty Bob who are based in Wales
From humble beginnings in the valleys of South Wales where music has always been a huge part of their lives, Dirty Bob have finally decided to get their music to the masses following extremely favourable feedback from their gigs.
Described as being totally unique, and an eclectic mix of Rock, Punk, Metal and lovers of a massive riff you can find further details on Dirty Bob including information on how you can purchase their new single Man Behind The Gun by visiting their website www.facebook.com/pages/Dirty-Bob/178908028792255 or you can follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/dirtybobrocks

Sky Full of Liars, a 3 piece from Hereford / Colchester. 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/skyfullofliars and Twitter @skyfullofliars

Johnny Cooper who is based in Texas, USA.

Johnny Cooper now returns with his new single Thank You which was written for his friends and family who have supported him over the years.
Quoted as being Texas music served on a bed of Red Dirt and being a force of nature, Johnny Cooper has been winning plaudits all across the US as a result of his heavy gig schedule which averages 200 shows each year.  This also helped contribute to his debut album Ignition selling over 25,000 copies and seeing four of his tracks climbing the Texas Music Charts.
With a large number of recordings under his belt, two tracks included on the soundtrack for independent movie Deep In The Heart, and recent sponsorship by a well known drinks firm, Johnny Cooper has already accomplished more in his career than many musicians can only dream about, and with radio stations already picking up on his new single, it is likely you will be hearing even more from him over the coming months.
Details on how you can purchase Johnny Cooper’s material along with information on forthcoming gig dates can be found on his website www.johnnycooper.com or you can follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/johnnyrcooper

Kelly Marie - Run To Me.
Hit recording artist Kelly Marie who is best remembered for her hit number 1 single Feels Like Like I'm In Love is due to release a new mix of her subsequent hit single Run To Me.

DJ Bobby Guttardo has produced a re-mix single of Run To Me which includes a radio edit and an extended mix.

The track will be released on Sound and Vision Management and is now available on iTunes with a release date on Monday 23rd June.

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  1. Hi there Jackson,
    Just noticed your smiling mug on Twitter and really took notice when you mentioned new unheard of music from around the world...just my type of person. Don't know if you've heard of Shïppa-63 from Kingscliff, Australia? Obviously not, but you might like some of the music...it has a Brit Pop/Rock sound, due to his roots (born in Enfield, Middlesex) and the fact that it is the sound that he grew up on. Anyway, here's a link to his SoundCloud page...not sure if this is how to get it to you, but he's computer illiterate, so I'm doing it for him. https://soundcloud.com/shippa-63
    Mark Hoy
    PS I do not always talk in the third person, but my therapist is a tad concerned!