Saturday, 13 September 2014

Showcase 13/9/14

Really enjoyed tonight's interview with Sam Fearon . Great guy great music .

Featured EP -Scott Morrison 
A Private War 

Jc's Big Sound Of the week -The Legend Ten Seconds -Shakespeare's Richard  

Playlist - 

Blitz Kids -Perfect 
Beyond The Clones FT Melosa -Massacree
Casitas -Places in Dreams 
The poet Junkies -Role up in time 
Abee Hague -Bringing it back to you 
Honey -DFK 
These Reigning Days -Opera of love 
The Malthusian Trap -Soul to the city 
The New Lights -Sellouts 
Musical Geeks -Hard Drum Kit Hello 
Dan Thomas -Reckless Man 
Audible 1 FT Adjua -Good time Rhymes
The Fallen State -Edge of Reason 
Catherine & the Owl -Fear 
Chris Good -I thought my heart would never Know 
FreeParking -Sharks 
Gravity drive -Cherry ripe 
The nameless girl -Bright light 
Pete Chadwick -Satins lock 
Black Foxxes -You Gotta know 

Sam Fearon 
FB -Sam Fearon music 
Twitter -@samfearonmusic 

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