Saturday, 6 February 2016

The One when JC met HER 6/2/16

Great band great guests on #jccooperlive @rivierafm show HER  doing their first ever radio interview . 

Playlist -

Triptotori -Breathe 
Chay Snowdon -Modern rock n roller 
Lena Smith Band -Earbender 
Beacon fire -Daffodil
Cave Mouth -Deep water 
Mudskippers -gangsters 
Losing Victory-Free Fallin  
Joanna Cooke - A little loving 
Gravity Drive ( Elusive Remix ) Trick of the light 
Joy kill Collective -Lies & Gold 
Madame Guillotine-Blonde Silhouette 
Louis J Walker -Lost in Legacy 
BIGG -How do you sleep 
Dead Ground -Empty Promises
WarHorns -I am The Sun
Phil Glava & Fio -Gimme Your Love 
Chief Whip -Serpentine
Jelli-What are we ? 
Bo James -Troubled City Girl 
The scribes presents MR Tea Time -The Factory

Featured Artist -
Black Tree Suns -Dont Believe

Tribe Dive Ft Chris Linton -Departure
Brutai -Deep 
RENZS DMP -There'd be nobody ft Kalli -
ORCA -Aquarium 
Velvet & Stone -Patchwork 
48 Hours -Martyn 
HER -Leave me where I am 
Sin ( On a Saturday night )
This Velvet Prision         


Black Tree Suns free download

Bo James tune

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