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The one when JC met The Patrons 23/2/16

Big thanks to one of the best bands around in early 2016  And one of the nicest ...Patrons  

FB -https://m.facebook.com/wearepatrons/?tsid=0.8496382783632725&source=typeahead

Twitter -@wearePATRONS 

Playlist -
Go Primitive-In a band 
Lee leet -Don't give in 
The fireflys -Tides
States of emotion -I broke the mould 
The heavytrackerz -Freak you 
Tiger Lilly -Woman
Black letters -Autumn hue 
Savannah -Music is my high 
Jae Franklin -Weary 
Scarlette Helena -Attack of the 6ft woman 
Raving wild -At the crossroads 
Elie Deva -Take it all 
Omodada -All my gods ft Tik Tu 
Lover -We are stars 
Bloodhounds on my trail -Dreamless 

Patrons -Lost Age

Info -

Lover are a six
piece London based pop/rock band. The bands new
single We Are Stars is out now.
You can hear the new
single at
You can see the video at :

2016 is the year Lover decide
whether you’re allowed to be a part
of their world or not. With a morbid longing for the
picturesque at all costs -
are you ready to explore life no one thought could exist
outside literature?
Where dissatisfaction is bohemian and vaguely Marxist in
origin, Lover are here
to show you the beauty in the
A cross between the song you can’t
get out of your head, and
something you’ve never heard before but are desperate to
hear again, Lover will
stimulate your aural senses with music from the depths of
dark and twisted
cognition. You’ll find everything was grey before
discovering this band, now
grey is blue and lines are blurred - yet you’ll witness
more of the world than
you ever deemed possible. You’ve been offered a window
into the unknown, are
you ready to jump?
In a generation opening its eyes to
gender fluidity and
pansexuality, Lover have been walking that road for some
time. Their chemistry
on stage is how you’ll find them backstage - tactile and
empirical the band
only have eyes for each other.
Blessed are the merciful for they
shall obtain mercy whenever she
moves in the spotlight - Sarah is the woman who men aspire
to be and women
dream about.
Confident, alluring and with a voice
known to tame the wildest of
animals, she is the personification of feminine charm. Armed
with the strength
and flexibility of a thousand warriors, Sarah is the front
and centre and
coherent chimera of the group.
Mess with the pack at your own
peril, Jamie’s the one who’ll
protect his partners by any means necessary. With beats that
blur the
boundaries of human morality and rhythms you never knew you
could dance to
before, Jamie has the ability to make you question
everything. If you’ve ever
queried anything about yourself, you’ll find the answer
somewhere between
Jamie’s snare and floor tom.
In a strange country between dream
and waking, Andy can see all
the stars but having named them all the same - there’s
terrible confusion. Many
a threat to Lover have been transported to another time
through Andy’s
stratospheric skills on guitar - some who never found their
way home. With
influences from across the decades, Andy brings the
progression to Lover,
whilst everyone else is enamoured with the glamour and
sophistication of the
past, Andy finds the beauty in the fluidity of the present
and the unknown of
what’s to come.
Synthetic seduction takes human form
in Florence. Speaking languages you’ve never
heard of, she will entice and arouse your senses leaving you
with the decision
whether or not to take all your clothes off and worship at
her keyboard altar,
she has this kingdom locked up and it takes someone very
special with their
neck open wide to be given the key. There’s always two
sides to every story,
and maybe one day Florence
will let you in on both of hers.
Matt’s mafia connections have done
nothing but help the band stay
the best-known secret in music. Don’t be fooled by his
youthful appearance, his
knowledge of music goes back centuries. Starting a
conversation with him can
lead to self doubt about whether you’ve ever listened to
music before, and his
insight will revolutionise the way you consume music
forever. Even the most
lost of boys can prove to be more dangerous than you’d
ever dare to dream, Matt
may seem the most approachable, but one look from him and
you’ll be snared for
Constantly the presence following
you in the dark, it’s not a
sense of dread but protection and invincibility felt
whenever Casper is near. An intense sense of humour
follows Casper
around leading you to the unexpected and joy in life through
music and
laughter. If you’re not on his level, he has no qualms in
leaving you behind -
but if you’re reaching as far and high as he is then
he’ll push you to your
limits and guide you through the
vos non potestis sedere
The band have a bond so visceral, it
can be felt by those around
them even if you’re not with them. A little bit
threatening, but also
seductive, Lover walk in worlds others can’t begin to
There’s no use crying about
whether or not you’ll be welcomed into
their kingdom, just be glad that they’re willing to let
you listen. The moon
whispers all sorts of dreadful things, but it hasn’t a
word to say against
these six. Lover is the only story you’ll ever need to


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Awards Nominee 2011
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Melbourne shoegazers Bloodhounds On My Trail have announced 'She's In My Plans' as the second single from their Escape II. This follows up the first lead track 'Jolly', which also got the remix treatment on this release by groundbreaking dreampop duo Ummagma. That track is premiering in Canada's renowned Northern Transmissions. 

Bloodhounds On My Trail are Johnny Green (guitar, vocals), Chris Donaldson (guitar), Nik Donaldson (drums) and Ché Walden (bass). Rooted in their joint love of shoegaze bands, ranging from the late 1980s to early 90s, Bloodhounds On My Trail aim to fuse the rhythmic underpinnings of bands like the Velvet Underground and the Stooges with the infectious stylings of shoegaze luminaries such as Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. 

Since playing their first show in February 2014, the band has been blossoming through a whirlwind combination of live shows, festivals and recording sessions. Their music was met with positive reactions, encouraging press, and opportunities to play with notable Australian artists such as Lowtide, Contrast, and White Walls.2015 also seen the band gain momentum with appearances at local gaze festivals alongside Flyying Colours, Immigrant Union, Black Cab and Day Ravies.

Thanks to Tonedeaf and Gabe Lewis from Lowtide, one of the foremost shoegaze acts in Australia, Bloodhounds on My Trail began to be known as one of the best Aussie shoegaze acts around. "They sound like how I want my guitars to sound," Gabe explains. "Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. Really languid, cascading washes, and wearing their pastoral shoegaze influences on their sleeves.

The band recorded this music at Birdland Studios with renowned engineer and producer Matthew Hosking, the go-to guru of Australia's burgeoning shoegaze scene, known for his outstanding work with fellow shoegazers Lowtide, Contrast, vhs dream and Hideous Towns. 

"I hope for people to enjoy it and get a buzz off our tunes. We ain't preaching anything, just making music we find exciting and want to record and play live," says Johnny Green. 

'Escape II' numbered in nearly a dozen 'Best of 2015' charts, including Stereo Embers Magazine, The Record Stache, The Revue, Shoegazer Alive and YesIndie. Shoegazemania named 'Escape' the year's number 2 EP, which also ranked high among EPs for the world's 2 leading shoegaze radio stations: DKFM and Primal Radio & Music Blog. Both Custom Made Music and Terapija.net included Shes In My Plans at #6 in their year's top songs. 

'Escape II' was released in December by Moon Sounds Records, an American niche shoegaze/ dreampop / postpunk label which is also home to such notable bands as Ceremony, The Foreign Resort, Dead Leaf Echo, Static Daydream, Follow The Sea and Canada-Ukraine dreampop duo Ummagma.

The Bangalore/Cochin based Alternative Rock band was formed in 2011 when they jammed with a couple of friends in their hometown. Their debut album 'Shapes On The Wall' is one of the best sounding modern rock records in the Indian music scene. Inspired by bands like Washed Out, Band Of Horses, Braids, Tycho, Tame Impala, Toro Y Moi, Atoms For Peace, Baths, Wild Beasts, Jon Hopkins, Deerhunter, their music is intense, soulful and transcendent.

Considered as 'An artist to
watch out for’ by The Rolling Stone Magazine in 2012 and nominated for ‘The
Best Upcoming Artist’ category for Jack Daniels Rock Awards in 2013, Black
Letters is now known to be one of the most creative and appreciated bands in
the country. The band has toured all over the country and has played the
biggest festivals including the NH7 Weekender and the Go Mad festival. Black
Letters' track ‘You Say’ was nominated as ‘Best Rock Song of 2013’ by VIMA
Global Music Awards. 

They have taken a turn from 
their previous Arena Rock style to an Electronic and Dream Pop influenced sound
with their highly anticipated forthcoming record 'Petrichor', which is
scheduled to be out by December 2015. The first single from the new record
titled 'Phila' was out on August 21, and its music video gathered praise from
fellow musicians and fans from across the country.

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Having kick-started their  musical career with a spot on Al Waser’s Weekly Top 20 and working with engineers from Abbey Road Studios, Elle Deva are the industry’s next gem to watch out for! Emil Panzov from Filter Label has been in the studio with the band various times and says: “Elle Deva are a pleasure to work with. Not only they are extremely talented musicians, they also have a very professional approach to their art. I am sure that these qualities combined with their dedication will lead them to big things in the near future.”


Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyxkV5Gxw


During the making of the song, Elle Deva had the opportunity to work with session musicians and producers, providing a fresh take on their music. They describe that their influence behind the track derives from a deep passion for music and people around them that they find inspiring. They explain: “After taking many approaches regarding our musical genres, coming from Electronic soul to being an Acoustic duo to releasing an EP specifically aimed at TV and film to experimenting in producing our own music, we’ve finally managed to release a piece of artwork we feel fits us best in terms of genre and mood. “


Elle Deva was formed eight years ago when Italian guitarist Michele met singer/songwriter Lauren in South Africa. The two have been working together ever since, taking inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds and their strong Christian beliefs. The two live in Italy but decided to record some of their work in London to collaborate with producers and session musicians that would help them reach a new market with their catchy acoustic songs.


The band has released their debut EP ‘Rain Roses’ back in October 2014 and since then have gone on to build their reputation and their profile within the music industry having had press coverage in Italian newspapers as well as gaining radio exposure.


The Single ‘Take It All’ is out now from upcoming EP ‘Familiar Ground’, out on 11th March 2016


Buy ‘Take It All’ here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1074549272?ls=1&app=itunes










Described as a “talented chanteuse and citizen of the world [who] has a way with a musical phrase nearly unmatched by most of her peers” by the award-winning music website Soulbounce, Franklin is a multitalented singer who combines vocal savvy à la Whitney Houston with an activist heart.


As a follow-up to her captivating R’n’B song ‘Higher’, ‘Weary’ is a mystifyingly beautiful examination of the struggles that people go through in our day and age. Written and produced by Kwame Busia, the lyrics read: “Someone told you that you’ve got so much to give but you’re preoccupied with just trying to live.” Touching upon one of the most profound struggles that exist within human nature, ‘Weary’ is also an affirmation of hope which is so convincingly portrayed in Franklin’s vocal interpretation.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/jaefranklin/jae-franklin-weary

Jae’s artistic career goes a long way back to her High School days when she and her sister were in a band called Girls Tyme with former classmate Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland before the days of Destiny’s Child.  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, the singer eventually moved to Dubai where she has successfully honed her skills and managed to get noticed by the public eye with media coverage in the United Arab Emirates, the US and the UK.


Having always dreamed of broadening her artistic work and getting into the spheres of political activism, Jae would like to someday be able to become an ambassador for the UN Human Rights Council to raise awareness about refugee crises and social issues. She declares: “I would like to use my music as a platform for change and become a catalyst for change to heal the world and make a difference.”  Being an artist who values the opportunity to “give back” she has worked and performed for a variety of charities in the past. The social commentary in ‘Weary’ is yet another way for her to raise awareness and provoke thought in a world that is in desperate need for global solutions in terms of social justice.


‘Weary’ is out on 26th March 2016.








Lee-Leet who is based in Poland.
Lee-Leet now returns with her new single Don't Give In
The track also features Josh Harris who has produced remixes for the likes of Pink and Madonna, and you can find more information on Lee-Leet including details on how you can purchase her material by visiting her website www.lee-leet.com or you can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/leeleetmusic 

You can listen to Lee-Leet's new single, Don't Give In below:


Raving Wild is set to release contemplative indie EP ‘Kolmanskop’, a cathartic project that deals with life lessons learned from past mistakes.
Having appeared on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 show and BBC Introducing Three Counties amongst others, Raving Wild is one of the most intriguing and riveting singer songwriters on the indie scene at the moment. Signed to Coffee Jingle Records, the musician has earned praises from media platforms such as The National Student declaring that Raving Wild aka. Graham Iddon is “crafting a sound that is delicate yet powerful, embedding subtle instrumental intricacies within hook-heavy ballads.”  Other people who complimented his music include Liz Mitchell of Boney M.
With a touch of Jeff Buckley and City and Colour, the EP and eponymous single ‘Kolmanskop’ is an ode to an abandoned mining town in the Namib desert which Raving Wild used as a symbol for the EP’s concept “Lessons learned in the desert”, an inspiration that derived from a soul searching mission in which the artist wanted to understand how he could learn from past mistakes and understand the world around him better. The lead single, ‘At The Crossroads’, sets the perfect mood for the life journey that the singer describes in the record.
Check out ‘At The Crossroads’ here: https://soundcloud.com/ravingwild/raving-wild-at-the-crossroads-album-version
Having lived in a miner’s town himself during his early childhood years (albeit not in the desert but in the North East of England), Raving Wild has managed to mix concept with personal experience. To make the recording process as authentic and ‘desert-like’ as possible, the singer dehydrated himself 24 hours prior to the making of ‘Kolmanskop’. He also explains: “This is, to my knowledge, the only track in the world where a pickaxe makes part of the percussion.”
Raving Wild has recently had the opportunity of playing at the film set of the latest Star Wars movie at the prestigious Pinewood Studios in London as well as in front of a couple of thousand people at Parklife Festival in Aylesbury last year.

Apart from being a talented songwriter and lyricist, Raving Wild’s interests range from attempting to break the record in the land speed of an office chair or eating a tin of hot dogs in the fastest time possible. He’s managed eight in 16 seconds which means he did not break the record.
We might not read about Raving Wild in the Guinness Book of Records, but it is more than likely that he will gain growing attention for his music in the world’s entertainment sections.
The EP Kolmanskop is out on 28th March 2016
Pre-order ‘Kolmanskop’ here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/kolmanskop-ep/id1082191006

brand new track "Tides" by The Fireflys, taken from the upcoming fourth album "The Illumination Of Everything".

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