Saturday, 4 January 2014

1st Show of 2014

Yes it's the first show of the year. The offical hangover show . 

Thanks to my guests tonight ! Bill & Martine from Billy Bottle & The Multiple. Plus Forever Young ,great to have you on the show . ! 

Riviera showcase sat jan 4 

Guests -Billy Bottle & The Multiple. Plus Forever Young. 

Jc's big sound -Tiny Folds-Mystery/Chemistry    -paintings 

Album of the week - The normals suitcase full of shoes 

Playlist -

Daniel Pearson -Medication ( Alternative )
Count To Fire -Pictures on the wall 
Peter James Millson -Being Young 
Jazz Reed -Up to you
Broad walk Isabella -Resurrection man 
Owen Penrice -I'll Never Beg 
Emily Park -The Beatles 
The Mule Affair -Everything you Said 
Simon ward -chocking smoke 
Digital natives -Skin 
Charlotte Ward -Sofar 
The velvet beat -I'll Be True 
Southern Folk -Drive By Shooting 
The Man Upstairs -I Believe
Haunt The woods -The ground 
Julian Langer -You don't see the darkness 
Atlanta Rose -Fairytale 
The Normals -Out of view 
Moscow Magazine -Lady In waiting 
Adam sweet -When the time is right 
Billy bottle and the multiple -Winter Memories , the vessel , men say they know many things .
Siloet -the score 

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