Saturday, 18 January 2014

Showcase 18/1/14

Well what a funny show that was ..not in ha ha but in slightly weird! Big thanks to my guests stars ! 

See ya Tuesday. ! 

Guests -Guest House Gypsies & Cyripticz 

Jc's Big sound -Downfall -Raw (exclusive )
Album of the week -The Normals
Suitcase full of shoes -Your Romance 

Cut Purse Rascals -Jimmy 
Ocean View Drive -Where do we go 
Sam Heath -Troubled Eyes 
Session 75 -Arrow in your heart 
Yazzy -Butterflies 
Digital Natives -On The Run 
Isaac Indiana -Loud & Clear 
Gravity Storm -Almost Through 
There goes Lizzie -Break me 
The Rising -Open the floodgates 
Jake downs -Crave 
Xander Rawkins -We see you 
Empire of Fools -Lost it all 
Raining Globe -Feel the sun 
Last one out -When we were dinosaurs 
Land of giants -The Drop 
Mantaraybryn -Pristine 
Nineteen -Thoughtless 
Andy B -Let's Talk about it Later baby 
Through my fingers 
Morning Rush -Game OF Guarding Hearts ( Live ) 
Daniel Pearson -Medication ( Alternative )
Count To Fire -Pictures on the wall 
Peter James Millson -Being Young 
Jazz Reed -Up to you
Broad walk Isabella -Resurrection man 
Owen Penrice -I'll Never Beg 

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