Saturday, 21 February 2015

The one when JC met The Casual Kicks & Big Fat Astronauts plus talked Torbay Alternative 21/2/15

Busy show Tonight. I chatted to The Casual Kicks & Big Fat Astronauts plus members of three different bands (@CADEMIAN @sculptressband @ViperaThrash )
Talking Torbay Alternative Gig

Playlist -

Alan West -Come on home 
The Stones Angels -Take Me 
Your Last Day -Shipwreck 
Abee Hague -Bring Me to life 
Alex Gregory -Somewhere else to play 
N.U.M.B -Irie 
Tiny Folds -Amplitude 
Joba Delirious-Uptown  

Jc's big sound of the week -
Patrons -Lost age 

Ten Percenter -Riot 
Small town Jones -Red 
Billy Bottle & The Multiple -La Belle Époque 
Losing Victory -Release Me 
Aaron Samuel -Change you 
Scribes -Sunshine 

Featured Artist -Jacob Riddall 
Not this way , not Today 
Take me to the river 
Big Fat Astronauts -
Car Crash 
Shine like Villians 
The Casual Kicks -
Long Nights 
No Colour 
Sculptress -Clarity 
Vipera - 

Info -

aaron samuel
Fb -

Jacob Riddall
Facebook page over at 

Billy Bottle & The Mulipule 
Monday 9th February saw the release of our singlet, La Belle Époque.

Vid -

Tiny Folds - Amplitude [Free Download] - YouTube

Tha Casual Kicks -

Big Fat Astronauts -

Torbay Alternative-

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