Friday, 28 August 2015

Review - The Quincies -"Change in the tide "

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After years of promise and fluctuating live gigs ,The Quincies , a band of equals,  captures the spirit of what a band is about artistically in 2015 on their five track record "Change in the tide "

It's a record that has something to say about an ideal for living " Sleeping on Buses " emerged last year in demo format , whist lead off single "Lost in a Lifetime " sighted a possible tone . 
But going through the looking glass to hear their fantastical tales of the artful poetic day to day  from their own uplifting  sanctions is nothing less than joyous.

Stand out moments include the opener " Holding Steady " with a fleet footed verse that drags you in for the entirety of the record and "Sonic Youth "
where raw emotions  run riot delivering a beautifully ragged musical gumbo of soul, rock and psychedelia that can't help but touch nerves .Making the band sound at their most virile in terms of sound and lyrics .

This is a record of established  grooves and spiky riffs , aligned with their strongest melodies yet . They seem to have filtered  their anxieties on time's passing into an astounding record.for a certain generation of listeners not  contained by genres  but who have a  hint of nostalgia in looking back to move forward.
It may have took them a while but it's been worth every second we have had to wait. 

Out on 7 September , launch gig on September 5 at  The Apple & Parrot Torquay    

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( Jackson Cooper Riviera FM )

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