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The one when Jc met DevonBird 1/8/15

My Guests tonight were the amazing DevonBird who surprised me by handing over an exclusive new album . Not out till October ! We talked and played tracks off that album ! 

Also we had an exclusive especially done for the show mini mix curtesy of The Afterparty comprising of tracks from their new as yet unrealised new album ! 


DevonBird - exclusive tracks from thief new album Turning Point 

Star People 
Greenwood Tree 
Dead kings land 

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Twitter @devonbird 

Red FT Helen Sheppard -Lazy Love 

Chay Snowdon -Moden Rock N Roller
Matthew North -I see you 
Pandamonium -Common Thunder FT loop sky walker -Dirty Joe 
Nick Mears -Meaning of life 
Echo Town -Be strong troop on 
Jc's Big sound of the week -
Cave Mouth -Deep Water 
Sounds of the sirens -together alone
The Side Effects -Shake it 
Trena Marie -Too much love 
Matthew Schultz -We own the night 
Able Archer -The Warden 
Gorilla Punch Radio -No Retreat 
Lauren Barrett -Then & There 
Monks of Mellonwah -Never been good 
Gavin Chappell Bates -95 
Elevation Falls -May you be
M-22 -Good to be loved 
The Manhattan love Suicides - anything but satisfied 
Tyrone Marshall -Melt away 
Bryce Wastney -Surf the sky
Matt Cook -The training wheels are off 
Aaron Wright -proper chronic Lonely
Brutal -Relapse
Moze Dee -hold meh 

Exclusive Mini mix from 
After party
It contains
1. LOVER (all nite long)
2. I Can't Let It Go
3. That Feeling
4. Physical Chemistry
5. Wasted
6. Penguin
7. Don't Give Up

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Twitter -@afterparty 

Free track from chay Snowdon

Folk / Rock / Reggae / Roots  

Richard Harrison – Vocals / Guitar / Lap-slide / Harmonica / Stomp-box                                                                                                        
Yidaki (Didgeridoo) 
Robert Harrison – Percussion / Backing Vocals

Media Links:

UK South West based band Echo Town consists of free spirited brothers Ric and Rob Harrison. Recognised for their vibrant and energetic performances, contemporary freedom songs and use of multi instruments such as lap-slide guitar, djembe, didgeridoo and harmonica. The audience are often surprised to find such a full sound emanates from only two musicians. 

Originally playing music of the heavy rock genre in their earlier years, the Leeds born duo moved on to develop a more harmonious and spiritual approach to music in the past five years as they creatively matured and grew into the upbeat band Echo Town we know them as today. They relocated to Cornwall in early 2015 after completing a mini tour late summer 2014. After they received an overwhelmingly positive response from the South West music scene they opted for the vibrant and contrasting lifestyle change of the South. Quickly gaining much attention from booking agents and radio shows they have been slotted on a number of festivals this summer including West Coast Ocean Fest, Looe Music Festival & Green Gathering to name a few.  

Echo Town have been performing to a live audience up and down the country for over three years, performing at festivals and various music venues. To date they have opened for bands Xavier Rudd & The United Nations, Bite the Buffalo, Land of the Giants, Billy Rowan AKA Undercover Hippy.

Echo Town released their second album ‘Come on Over’ in June 2011, inspired by family relationships, the great outdoors and surfing on the East English coast. ‘Come on Over’ was accompanied by music video for their single ‘Feeling Alright’. In summer 2014 they recorded their third album entitled ‘Be Strong Troop On’ which is set to be released summer 2015. 

In August 2013 they filmed a set of promotional videos with Falmouth based ‘Harbourside Sessions’ for sponsors Anderwood Guitars. They have also been featured on Alan Raw’s BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, David White BBC Introducing Cornwall and St Austell Radio Station. 

"… As if John Butler's lapsteel, Xavier Rudd's social commentary and Jack Johnson's catchy pop ideals have all been fused by the hands of two British songwriters." Richard Cadence (

“…One of the finest up and coming South West bands.” – The Mojo Hobo Agency 

“… Not surprisingly a good festival band…” – Alan Raw BBC Introducing West Yorkshire 

“They blast out a goodtime, uplifting and contemporary view of modern life and it is easy to hear why the duo are often an immediate hit when performing live. Highly promising.” – Keith Ames (The Musician Magazine)

"Guaranteed to get you up and out of your seat and sweating, Cavemouth are the aural equivalent to a night on a stairmaster, drinking Jack Daniels through a pair of fishnet tights."

Cavemouth are a primal lo-fi funk four-piece who sound as though they live on the wilds of Exmoor on a strict diet of roadkill, making music to keep the neighbours away and lure the foxes in. Their gritty original sound blends blues, funk and hip-hop with African-influenced tunes and mind-altering lyrics.
Fronted by Sketchy Lex on filthy guitar and vocals, Wreckless Richie on drums, Ms. Mo on funked-up bass and vocals and Mr. Duncan 'The Hook' Hook on Saxophone, the band have known each other for years. Growing up in rural Devon, they had to make their own entertainment by putting on their own raves and free parties, a past that has certainly helped to shape their sound.
Inspired by everthing around them from politics and religion to nature, Cave Mouth are influenced by Prince, ESG, Busta Rhymes, Leadbelly, Jack White, Queens of the Stone-age and Jethro Tull.

Social Links:

8th August Sandford Rockes festival Crediton Headliners

17th October Oxjam Exeter venue TBC

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