Saturday, 15 August 2015

The one when Jc Met Jo Hooper & Greg Hancock 15/8/15

Thanks for JO Hooper & Greg Hancock for doing a mind blowing live session and talking about the road they have worked together on . I salute you ! 

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Playlist -

Little Lapin -Magnet Eyes 
Victoria -Summertime 
Someday I -Burn the night 
Amber Smith -Always there 
Lena Smith Band -Fly 
Cave Mouth -Deep Water 
Echo Town -Be Strong Toop on 
Nick Mears -Meaning of live 
Chay Snowdon -Modern Rock n Roller -

Featured Artist -Concrete Donkey 
White house 
horrid Invention 

Blood Painters -Killing Tree 
Padman -Fire in your eyes 
Will Hawkins -Hometown 
Feral Ghost -Could this be love 
Hannah in the wars -Only wanna be 
Puppet Rebellion-Life is in your hands 
Syf -Learn ya 
Philip George -Alone no more 
The capers -Go against the sun 

Jc's Big Sound of the week -
Mark Doyle -House Music Saved my life 

Tankus & The Henge -Weather 
Last one out -Life on repeat 
Fred Puglsey -The fear inside 
Renz DMP -Break Me 
Firekind -Sound of rain 

Featured Album -Trena Marie
Crazy Tonight  


  1. Thanks JC for making my track your Big Sound of the week

  2. Pleasure . It's a great track and it should be heard