Saturday, 16 January 2016

The one when JC met Zarha & William Heggadon 16/1/15

I'm Two very different artists on tonight's live show Zarha & William Heggadon. Big up new talent ! 


Twitter - @ZahraMusicUK


can buy the EP

Will Heggadon-

Playlist -

Emily Howard -Never mind 
Steve strong -Wide open space 
Renz DMP -all that I need 
Her -This Velvet Prision
Jack Bartlett -Out of the blue 
Nasty Habbitz & High  Daniels Ft OK Penrice -Diesel
The Blowouts -Kill your darlings 
Velvet & Stone -That Road 
Takao -Humis 
William Heggadon -The Dark 
To Coldness 
Vermin -My love for you 
Beholder -Frozen steps of Utoya 

Jc 's big sound of the week -
Madame Guillotine-Conquer The Streets  

Featured Album -Rosie Eade 

Featured EP of the week -
Zahra -Young Hearts ( Under Fire )
Ever After 


STATE OF EMOTION's new album 'BLACK & WHITE TO GOLD' which is set - in skin (literally - see image, its a real tattoo!) - to be release on the 15th February via Label White Noise.    

Tattooing himself with the album release date just shows how dedicated, lead singer, Olly Hookings is to his art, and 'I BROKE THE MOULD' is an incredible first single from the album. Radio X's John Kennedy gave the track its national premiere last night on his Xposure show and it sounded great. 

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