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The one when JC met Winston Sela & Zane T 23/1/16

Live in the show 
Winston Sela give advise on songwriting and being a new artist ,with over 25 yrs of experience & written more No1s than you can shake a stick at ! Good man to listen to . Also Zane T talked about remixing , his music and gave us an exclusive 30 min mini mix to check out .

Thanks guys X 

Listen again ...
Educational Interview with Legendary Song Writer & The Infamous Jackson Cooper of Riviera FM.

Winston tells you some great advice.

Zane T 



Triplex -Over me ( Vermin remix ) 
Madame Guillotine -A new way
William Heggadon -To coldness 
Joykill Collective -Battle cry 
The legend ten seconds -Towton 
Victoria -The edge 
Zane T -Run 
Chris Linton -Fall to the floor 
High Daniels & Nasty Habbitz -Battlefield  
Hannah's Yard -Why would I know 
Azzure ft Chris Linton -With you 
BIGG-Man Overboard
John Ramon-Chasing Moinbeams
Officer -Waters
Rosie Eade Band --Set me free ( to laugh ) 
Featured EP 
Matt Price  -The Bird and the tree 
The Morrow 

Jc's big sound of the week -
Pretend Happy -
Save me 

Info -
Chris Linton 

available for pre order on iTunes from 1st March but will be released 31st March

Also his  collaborated with Azzure

BIGG" are down in Torquay to play a special One-Off show with The Quincies and Radiosaurus on the 9th of April,
listen to Debut EP at the link below

Winston Sela — Songwriter / Producer    BIO
Winston Sela (PRS)  has been a hit songwriter for over 25 years.
He owns W.S.Music which is based in the UK and also in the USA.
Winston has enjoyed No.1 record success in the USA,Japan,Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico and has had top ten success in the UK, South America and South Africa.

Winston has had three No.1 records in Japan by 
Akina Nakamori, Aswad and Kana Nishino.

A few artists that have recorded Winston Sela songs:
Johnny Mathis / Denice Williams /Maxi Priest / Lulu / Aswad /Smokie /Shabba Ranks /Barrington Levy /Bounty Killer / Dennis Brown /No Angels (Germany) / Producer Alan Parsons / Monroe ( Germany) / RBD ( Mexico) /Chenoa ( Spain) / Johnny Farnham ( Australia) /Gabrielle /Biddu  / Dusty Springfield /Zohib and Nadia Hassan ( Pakistan) / The Drifters / Leon Ware/
Taemin ( SHINEE) ( South Korea) /

He  owns  THE MISSING LINK which provides advice and hands on assistance with Artist Development,that is identifying and building up raw talent from the first stage to prime time. 
W.S.Consultancy  evaluates and provides advice on investment in the creative arts and in particular various music income streams like Publishing and Master Record Catalogues and Branding.

The Missing Link is a consultancy programme that bridges the gap between The Artist, and getting their music out to the World.
It does the job of mentoring,that record companies used to do — and a bit more.
But if you aren’t signed to a caring label ( good luck with that one ) you are pretty much left to your own devices.

About 3% of independent artists release records that succeed
Most of them don’t even get to the launch pad that will catapult them to success.
Why does this happen ?
Its simply because anybody can release a record these days and most artists do.

Therefore most records are released without
a) Proper A&R — song selection// artist direction // As an artist its important to define who you are
b) Proper production values — Finding a good producer.
c) Little or no Promotion budgets
d) No Social Media profile or proper fan base

Music Education
a) Publishing — What is a publishing deal ?
b) What is a record deal?
c) How to find a good Manager / Agent
d) Legal representation
e) Other income streams 
f) Keeping Accounts
g)Finding investment 

Winston Sela

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